Choosing The Right Road Trip Vehicle

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I always travel a lot by plane but sometimes I also do a lot of road trips. So a lot of my friends are asking me, how do I select the right road trip vehicle? Well, my answer is simple. I go to to check my options. You can start by selecting the type (sports car, van/mini van, coupe or a classic sedan) or by make (Honda, Ferrari, Porsche or even Rolls-Royce).

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C

I always go for space and functionality. I love long drives in the provinces which enables me to see more of the nature. It would also be nice if I can drive a sports car in the city. Wouldn’t that be an American dream?™ is a leading two-sided digital automotive market that generates significant links between buyers and retailers. The company was launched last 1998 and headquartered in Chicago. It allows consumers to check the resources and information to make well-versed buying choices around The 4Ps of Automotive MarketingTM: Product, Price, Place and Person, by linking advertising partners with in-market car shoppers and providing data-driven intelligence. One of its goals is to increase inventory turn and gain market share. It is one of the trail-blazers in the online automotive classifieds. is transforming the car shopping experience.

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12 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Road Trip Vehicle”

  1. These are great tips. I have been telling my husband that we needed a new vehicle because ours isn’t great for road trips. We need more space.

  2. These are all such great points, I went on a road trip with my friend last year after Thanksgiving from New Mexico all over Colorado, or as much as we could fit in a week. I always say rent a car for the time of the trip, it less of a headache. I have a small car and we ended up renting a jeep which was perfect since we were gonna be hiking and going to the mountains.

  3. The right vehicle can definitely ‘make or break it’ when it comes to a road trip! We travel all the time with my family living a 6-7 hour drive away, so we literally select our personal vehicles based on what will work for that

  4. We always like to take a bigger vehicle if the kids are coming since we have to pack a lot of stuff. However, if the kids aren’t going we take a smaller car to save on gas.

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