Cold Stone SM Fairview Now Open

Cold Stone has been one of the trailblazers in providing the yummiest and freshest ice cream, gelato, cakes and smoothies. Philippines had its first taste of Cold Stone last 2005 in Rockwell. It formally opened its doors last 2013 at Serendra. Few years after, several stores opened in key locations such as Greenbelt, SM Mall of Asia , Glorietta and now in SM Fairview! Premium and Artisan Ice Cream made FRESH daily!

I was lucky enough to visit the newest store in SM Fairview. The vicinity was easy to find and well lighted. The staff was very courteous and fun to interview. Indeed, it cements as one of the best artisan ice cream parlor in the Philippines.

Here are some of the snaps during the visit:

Cold Stone also offers refreshing smoothies. You can try several refreshing flavors. Just ask the staff about it.

It was so refreshing!

Apart from wide selection of yummy flavors, they also have an array selection of combinations to choose from. It’s all about endless imagination! I always come back to try different combinations possible. Use your creativity and gastronomic experiences in discovering your favorite flavors!

Did you know that Cold Stone is part of the Grub Club? Check out the perks and privileges below:

Grub Card – Terms and Conditions

Discounts and Privileges

  • 10% off across all brands from Tuesdays to Sundays
  • 15% off on all brands every Monday
  • 50% off on all Tous les Jours breads 1 hour before closing


  • 1 (One) 20% off your bill on your birth month
  • 2 (Two) P500 off for minimum purchase of P2,000
  • 3 (Three) P200 off for minimum purchase of P800
  • 4 (Four) P100 off for minimum purchase of P500

Reward Points

  • Earn 1 Point with every P50 spend
  • 1 Point = P1

Grub Club Card Purchase

  • Card is valued at Php 998
  • Twelve (12) months validity upon purchase
  • Discount and privileges can be claimed from all Trident Food Group Brands

Grub Club discounts are not to be combined with other discounts and promotions such as party packages, banquet services, events, senior citizen and PWD discounts

In-store Registration

  1. Purchase the card
  2. Provide Grub Club ambassador with your card and basic information details
  3. Confirmation code will be received via SMS or Email
  4. Provide Grub Club ambassador with code received to activate your card

Web Portal Registration

  1. Purchase the card
  2. Visit and click on Register
  3. Sign up by filling up the required information
  4. Activate your account via SMS or Email

Mobile App Registration

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  2. Download the free App via Apple App Store or Google Play Store
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How to use the Grub Club Mobile App

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  2. Log in your account with your username and password after registration
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Lost or Stolen Card

  • Please report lost or stolen card so it can be deactivated immediately
  • Existing points from lost card will be transferred once new card has been issued and updated in the system within the next 48 hours
  • The same expiration date will apply for the replaced card
  • Php 100 for card replacement


  • Card expires after twelve (12) months from date of purchase
  • Once card expires unused points can be carried over upon renewal or purchase of a new card
  • Upon card’s expiration date customer has three (3) months to purchase a new card otherwise points will expire

How to earn points

  • Each fifty (50) pesos spent on food and beverage is equivalent to one (1) point
  • One (1) point is equivalent to one (1) peso
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  • Points can be earned from all Trident Food Group Brands
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  • Points earned will be credited within the next 48 hours
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  • Points are non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash

To know more about the brand, follow their official social media accounts:

Facebook: Cold Stone Creamery Philippines
Instagram: coldstoneph

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31 thoughts on “Cold Stone SM Fairview Now Open”

  1. Oh goodness! Such yummy desserts! I wish I could indulge in them, but all that sugar will make my blood glucose level go into a frenzy. I hope they have some variants for people with special diets. Some sugar free options perhaps?

  2. I always stop their after we go out to eat. They have the best tasting cones out there.

  3. I can not get enough of Coldstone. I love the Gotta have it size with candy in it.

  4. Cold Stone is my top destination for my ice cream cravings! They have such Instagrammable presentations as well!

  5. I love Cold Stone! They have the yummiest ice creams, and I love mixing stuff in there. Nice to know they are part of Grub Club!

  6. The Grub Club perks and privileges are really great! I will have to check on that. Although the card itself is a bit pricey, I think it would be worth it with all those discounts and freebies you can get!

  7. Cold Stone is the best! My family and I go there all the time. We love to choose our mix-ins and ice cream flavors.

  8. You are lucky to have a Stone Cold. We had one when we lived in Michigan. It had a Tim Horton’s too, and I thought that was the best duo ever!!

  9. Embarrassingly enough, I love coldstone so much that I’l use Uber Eats to have it delivered to me… hahaha. My favorite mix in has got to be the Recees Peanut Butter Cups.

  10. Cold Stone is one of our favorite ice cream places! We love the ability to mix and match flavors and toppings.

  11. I haven’t had cold stone creamery in years. Would love to try some of their treats again!

  12. I’m obsessed with this place. However, I moved and it’s so far from me now that I rarely get to go. Sad stuff.

  13. Ice cream, gelato, cakes and smoothies – my kind of place! Everything looks so delicious! I´ve never tried anything from Cold Stone, but would love to!

  14. When I lived in California, I used to visit my local ice cream shop and indulge in all those flavors you shared… Yummy

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