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Tennis can be a very competitive sport. For you to become World No. 1, you have to practice a lot. Practicing in tennis can be with a coach or a hitting partner. If ball boys are not around, picking up used balls can be an exhausting task. Luckily, I found Kollectaball. I tried one of their flagship products, the Kollectaball KMax 60.

Kollectaball is the leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke tennis ball retriever which has been designed by leading tennis coaches to ensure it meets the tennis ball collecting needs. The company is based in Peckleton, Leicester, United Kingdom.

Kollectaball KMax 60, the chief and most versatile ball collector, is easy and fun to use. This Kollectaball can hold up to 60 tennis balls and can easily dumped into a ball feeder. The handle comes with a convenient hook so that it can be stored on the court fence and out of the way.

Kollectaball KMax 60

As for my personal experience, I find it very stress-free to use. I would suggest for you to don’t maximize picking up 60 balls. I think up to 50-55 balls so you can empty it easier. Although, 60 balls still fits. It’s just easier to unload with less balls. It’s very durable and easy to pack up. An interchangeable cage is sold separately for extra storage.

Take note that each item is packed in a flat cardboard box (including tools) and needs assembly. There are instructions / manual inside each box. Alternatively, you can watch the video instructions online.

I would definitely recommend this product. It makes collecting tennis balls more fun! In few seconds, you can collect the balls without picking it by hand. It is also durable and easier to clean. The wires are also easy to replace but as per the manufacturer, it can collect and be durable for over 10,000 hours. This is a product worth investing in if you’re a serious tennis player!

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23 thoughts on “Collect Tennis Balls with Kollectaball”

  1. i love how kollectaball makes a mundane task like collecting tennis balls fun and different! Will definitely share this with my cousin who is a competitive tennis player 🙂 thanks for sharing! x

  2. What a convenient and easy way to collect tennis balls. Such a handy little gadget to have so you can spend more time on your talent and less time chasing down balls.

  3. This device is great to have. Saves a lot of back stress in picking up the balls. I guess most of the tennis clubs already have this.

  4. Oh wow. This is going to make picking up tennis balls a whole lot easier. No more back breaking bending required! How cool!

  5. What a smart device that also looks sanity saving! I’m over here wishfully thinking about all the other things that I want it to work on (legos, kids socks, etc. :)!).

  6. I used to use a similar tool to pick up walnuts. It works SO well and definitely saves your back.

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