Contact Lenses That Improve Your Tennis Game

Have you ever seen a professional tennis player wearing eyeglasses? Professional players ditch traditional eyewear with contact lenses because of the many advantages these provide. If you wear glasses daily, you might consider getting that competitive advantage over your opponents by wearing contact lenses as you play.

I seldom play doubles but it’s really fun!

Contact Lenses To Improve Your Peripheral Vision

Your peripheral vision is essential in all kinds of sports. In tennis, you must have a good, unobstructed peripheral view so you can run after the ball that is sent to your right or left side. Eyeglasses will limit peripheral vision even with flat lenses and small frames. Wraparound sunglasses that seem to conform to the shape of your head can also affect your peripheral vision. You won’t encounter any problems like these when you wear contact lenses.

Contacts To Provide An Unobstructed Field Of View

Contact lenses won’t block your field of vision. There are no eyeglass frames that will only distort and block your field of view. With contact lenses, you can better view the ball and react faster plus; you can also see your opponent and the game officials with your clear and unobstructed view of the playing area. 

Contact Lenses Won’t Fog Up

Eyeglasses can fog up as soon as the temperature changes. When it rains, your glasses will also fog up, and this can severely affect your vision. With contact lenses, you will have a bright and clean idea no matter what the weather conditions are and whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Wearing a contact lens at a tennis match can be very tricky.

Contact Lenses To Reduce Injury

If you trip, fall, or something hits you on the face, you’re likely to suffer severe injuries if you are wearing eyeglasses. The lens can shatter, and bits can even enter your eye. Even glasses with a plastic frame can be dangerous if this shatters and bits scratch and scrape your face! Contact lenses will never break even if a ball hits you on the face.

This is because contact lenses can be made of flexible material that can hug the shape of your eyeball. This efficient design allows you to wear contact lenses for extended times and can also be worn for different kinds of sport, not just tennis.

Contacts Offer More Stable Vision

When you wear eyeglasses while playing, the frames can move as you move quickly. With every stride, the frames can rock and thus affects your vision as you play. With contact lenses, you’ll have stable vision even when you run after the ball, jump high to hit the ball, and as you serve.

Contact lenses are tailored to fit according to the size of your eyeball and thus won’t move no matter how much you move. This is why more athletes prefer to use contact lenses when they are training and also for competition.

You Can Wear Contacts With Protective Equipment

A tennis player may not wear any protective equipment like goggles, helmets or gloves, but they often wear caps or visors to shield their eyes from the sun or glare. It would be too hard to wear visors or caps if you’re wearing eyeglasses. But with contact lenses, you can wear visors, caps or any kind of hat as you train or in a competition.

Wearing contact lenses on a tennis match can be stylish yet also risky. It takes practice!

Contact Lenses To Improve Your Style When You Play

There’s no doubt about it that the latest contact lens styles will improve your style as you play on the court. And nothing can make you feel more confident than looking your best as you play. Just like contact lens styles and colors from ttdeye, you can wear any shade you want, even colors to match your mood and your wardrobe color.

The most popular contact lens colors for sports such as tennis and racquetball are gray, green, and brown. But this does not mean that you can’t wear classic colors like blue and black. It all depends on what color you’re comfortable with.

You Can Use Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses are a breakthrough for athletes wearing eyeglasses. This kind of contact lenses does not need any maintenance or storage because you throw these away after use. You can wear disposable contact lenses for your competition, for a game, or just a day of fun and just take them off after.

Contact With Different Tints And UV Protection

One of the hazards of wearing eyeglasses is glare. With contact lenses, you can reduce glare, enhance contrast, and lets you filter light passing through the lens for improved visual comfort. With heightened visual comfort, you can react to any object coming your way.

Contact Lenses For A More Natural Vision

A lot of athletes wear contact lenses for sports, even if they use eyeglasses daily because they want a more natural vision when playing. There are no unwanted changes in image size that happen with glasses. But if you are not comfortable with wearing contacts or you’re new to using contact lenses, consult an eye doctor that specializes in sports contact lenses for help.

The best way to find out if you need custom contact lenses with or without corrective power for astigmatisms, farsightedness or nearsightedness is to consult a vision specialist for sports. You will have a trial fitting of your contacts before the real ones are made. Sports contact lenses are not available in regular optical stores and contact lens stores, so you need to make an appointment with a specialist.

20 thoughts on “Contact Lenses That Improve Your Tennis Game”

  1. It makes sense to me that contacts would make for better play than glasses. For one thing, having contacts means that no matter where you look your vision is corrected, and there are no frames.

  2. Contact lenses are a godsend. They are awesome for playing sports and I can definitely see why they would be perfect for playing tennis. I also love that they don’t fog up.

  3. It’s really hard to play sports such as tennis or basketball when you’re wearing glasses. Disposable contacts sounds great.

  4. Yyyyeeeaaahhhhh….this is something I have always wondered about! Very few atheletes play with their spectacles on and yet so many of them have sight challenges. It makes so much more sense to have contact lenses on while playing. You get more comfortable as you wear them.

  5. Now, this is new to me! Never knew that you needed a sports optometrist to get contact lenses for sports. WOW! I agree that wearing contact lenses is the way to go when you practice sports.

  6. It’s so nice that there’s an improvement with the contact lenses being offered these days. These sound amazing! Perfect for all those tennis players having a difficulty with their eyesight.

  7. I think having vision problems should not be a hindrance to playing sports. Wearing contact lenses is the best option. My youngest son wears contacts when he is playing his basketball game, and when he goes camping too.

  8. I don’t wear lenses, but it´s so true that they could be a game-changer for an athlete, especially cause they help getting more natural vision when playing!

  9. Great tips though I don’t wear glasses or play tennis, it’s still nice to know these pieces of information. I didn’t even know contact can have different tints and UV protection.

  10. I just started wearing glasses about 4 years ago. The few times I have played tennis since then, I didn’t wear them. IT helps that my prescription isn’t too strong and that I really only wear them for computer and media use. But if it worsens I will definitely go the contact lens route. 🙂

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