DQ® Blizzard of the Month: French Butter Caramel Corn

Dairy Queen® redefines a Filipino classic favorite as it releases its Blizzard of the Month, the French Butter Caramel Corn.

Dairy Queen

As Filipinos continuously search for innovative treats to tease their sweet tooth, DQ® gives an exquisite twist to the “Mais con Yelo” Filipino delicacy with a slice of French Butter dipped in caramel. This interesting flavorful combination is fused in a Blizzard thus creating the French Butter Caramel Corn Blizzard.

The Blizzard of the Month will be served in either of the three delectable variants: Corn Kernels that is a mix of the French Butter Caramel Corn syrup, creamy DQ® vanilla soft serve dredged with corn kernel;  Corn Flakes where the DQ® vanilla soft served dripping with French Butter Caramel Corn syrup is sprinkled with crunchy corn flakes; and  Choco Chunks wherein theDQ® vanilla soft served dripping with French Butter Caramel Corn syrup is packed with mouth watering chocolate chunks.

Excitingly, DQ® also serves the French Butter Caramel Corn Milk Shake. This is made of the original DQ® Milk shake topped with DQ® vanilla soft served with French Butter Caramel Corn syrup and crunchy corn flakes.

The French Butter Caramel Corn Blizzard and Milk Shake will be available in all DQ® Stores from October 22 to December 31, 2019. Satisfy your sweet dreams!

To know more about the brand, follow their official social media pages:
Facebook: Dairy Queen Philippines
Instagram: dairyqueenphils


31 thoughts on “DQ® Blizzard of the Month: French Butter Caramel Corn”

  1. oh man! i used to love blizzards at dairy queen. unfortunately i haven’t been to a dairy queen in quite some time. your post has me longing to find one.

  2. Woah, I’d never have thought of putting corn kernels or corn flakes in a blizzard. I’m intrigued! I would always get Blizzards in high school but I don’t live near one currently.

  3. There is a Dairy Queen a mile from my house! I use to go there often, haven’t been in awhile. I never went to one when I lived in the Philippines.

  4. I love DQ blizzard and have since high school when they came out! The corn kernels — are they roasted? Candied? I am trying to imagine what their texture is in the ice cream. Since I am not in the right country to get one myself, I have to inquire and live vicariously through your description! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the one with choco chips. I guess I will have to visit the nearest Dairy Queen kiosk. Luckily we have one less than a kilometer away from home!

  6. They have Dairy Queen in the Philippines?? Awesome! I had no idea they were even International. I have one a mile away from my house. This post makes me want to get a blizzard now.

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