Filipino Comfort Food from Girlfriend’s Kitchen

The last couple of days were very busy. Good thing, I discovered a convenient delivery service that caters to your cravings – Girlfriend’s Kitchen. I had the privilege of talking to one of the owners of the business. Check out the transcript of my candid conversation with Nelcy Enoveso Camba about the inspiration behind the business and the upcoming dishes in the next few months.

TF: What is the concept behind your business? Why is it called Girlfriend’s Kitchen?

GK: My best friend and I have always loved cooking. We would whip up dishes using our respective family recipes and let each other taste it. We have always bonded over food, so I decided to call my business Girlfriend’s Kitchen. I wanted my brand to have a sense of casualness, comfort and familiarity.

TF: How did it start? Any inspirations?

GK: Established in 2019, Girlfriend’s Kitchen started off with home-cooked meals enjoyed by family and friends. My dishes are well-loved recipes handed down from generations and made with only the best ingredients. I believe good food is meant to be shared because the best memories are made when you enjoy good food and good company during unguarded moments.

Do you like your cake simple or loaded with goodies?

TF: Who decides the content of the menu? Do you have a specific menu for those with diet restrictions and food allergies?

GK: My brand is basically Filipino comfort food. The names may be familiar and ordinary but that’s the beauty of Filipino cooking. You can cook the dishes in so many ways. I want people to experience the “it-tastes-just-like-home” kind of mindset whenever they eat my dishes or desserts.

Don’t you just love a moist chocolate cake?

GK: I do not have a specific menu for those with diet restrictions and food allergies but I do take in special requests. I do not use extenders, fillers or MSG. I shop for the ingredients and make everything myself that’s why I impose a lead time of at least a day or two for orders. If there’s one thing I will never compromise on, it’s quality.

TF: What is your Top 3 signature items in your current menu?

GK: # 1 Hershey’s Double Choco Cake, # 2 Jumbo Roast Chicken and # 3 Embutido

TF: Is there any new dishes coming up in the next few months?

GK: My menu changes depending on popular demand. Either way, I always update my customers through my social media channels for changes or new offerings.

Here are some of The Tennis Foodie’s recommendations:
1. Embutido – This has to be one of the best food items in their menu. It really gives you that homey vibe and it was sprinkled with lots of spices that will surely tickle your bellies. This one is an ACE for me.

2. Maja Blanca – Even without the graham on top, this local Filipino dessert is so creamy and it contains real corn kernels. It’s the best palate cleanser after a savory meal. This one is a HIT for me.

To know more about Girlfriend’s Kitchen, follow them on their official social media pages:
Facebook: Girlfriend’s Kitchen

Alternatively, you may reach them at +639178969864 and +639199112699 for any delivery concerns and general inquiries.

31 thoughts on “Filipino Comfort Food from Girlfriend’s Kitchen”

  1. Wow that food looks delicious. I am always up to try new restaurants, especially if they served homemade-like food.

  2. Oh yes, this sure looks delicious. especially the cake! 😀 Yum!

    I love places like this, that makes their pastries into arts 🙂

  3. Oh my god, you are making me hungry with all those delicious looking meal. You guys are opening a buffet soon?

  4. I love eating at new and different restaurants. The goods here looks delicious too. I would love to eat here someday.

  5. look at all those amazing dishes! girlfriend’s kitchen is talented!! that roasted chicken especially looks so juicy. i love the restaurant name too. sounds like family home cooked food.

  6. It is always nice to enjoy and have fun trying out new restaurants and food for sure. Looks like you had fun x

  7. Girlfriend’s Kitchen sounds freaking amazing. I am glad you found it and it seems that this is some of the best. Filipino comfort food you have found.

  8. I wish I could try those embutidos. They look so delicious. I wish I had a a Girlfriend’s Kitchen near me!

  9. That is awesome, such a great interview. I must admit that picture of lasagna threw me, haha. I didn’t realize lasagna was a Filipino comfort food…lol 😉 I didn’t see it once when I lived in the Philippines, but then again it doesn’t matter. Because it definitely is comfort food for me. I was expecting to see pansit and adobo. Which she probably makes. Speaking of which, can you believe they opened a Jollibees near me??? haha awesome.

  10. These all look truly delicious! I would love to try the choco nutella cake, it looks very indulgent. It’s great to read about the story behind this brand.

  11. First of all the name is interesting. Second the food is delicious. Third is I like when people think innovative and create something of their own, own venture.

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