“Fol” in love with popcorn

During my recent trip in Rome, I passed by a cute gourmet popcorn store in Via di Ripetta. The smell of freshly cooked popcorn enticed me to look around the store. Fol originated in Turin, Italy’s capital of slow-food and strong flavors. It is also a city of chocolate artists and cheese makers as well as world famous coffee roasters. The brand got its influence from the great Piedmontese food tradition and by the expertise of its artisans.

The store’s cute set-up will entice you to enter and explore the magical goodness of Fol.

Fol is simply the “American popcorn tradition met Italian vast and renowned cuisine.” It is modern but married with established flavors and traditional tastes. 

You can select from different varieties of popcorn and place them into different packaging.

Fol popcorn follows intensive step by step procedure developed in Italy and USA. It uses special equipment to get the best popcorn and the best coatings for its consumers. Apart from the techniques, they also provide the best ingredients (all natural and non GMO) available to create its own signature recipes and obtain its famous coatings.The goal is to guarantee product consistency, freshness and natural popcorn crunchiness.

There will always be a friendly staff to welcome you and guide you in selecting the right popcorn for you.

There are two main types of product available in Fol: gourmet popcorn and just popped popcorn.

Gourmet popcorn is handcrafted in the Fol laboratories in Turin, Italy and Mexico City , Mexico. A special team blends carefully the authentic proprietary recipes to obtain tasty slurries which are used later to coat the air popped popcorn.

Just popped popcorn on the other hand can be made in front of you using specially designed small air poppers machine allowing to pop the corn without any oil. The popped corn is then applied with cold flavored oils to ensure a flavorful experience.

Here are some of the flavors I tried during my visit:

Bianca Follia – This is caramel popcorn covered with white chocolate and little pretzels for a sweet savory taste.

Bianca Follia

Eporediese – Eporediese is born from Ivrea’s carnival tradition and from Turin’s chocolate. It is coated with dark chocolate and special dried orange for that zesty taste.

Eporediese – one of my personal favorites

Margherita – Tomatoes and oregano meet light cheese to cover tasty air popped corns creating a unique flavor. It’s like eating a pizza!


Crema Di Formaggio – A sophisticated cheese mix coats air popped selected corn seeds for that creamy taste.

Crema Di Formaggio

L’Inglese – “The Englishman” is basically bacon.The unique taste of the bacon meets popcorn for an inimitable taste.


Amatriciana – A “classic” Italian. Bacon and tomato, a taste of tradition. Always a favorite for me!


Pistachio – Popcorn that releases all the goodness at the heart of Italian pistachios. Perfecto!

Oops. I got another bag! It was so good!

After8 – Air popped corns held by the best mint syrup are then carefully covered with dark chocolate chips. Unmissable taste!

My bag of After8 popcorn

Fondente Passione – Refined Italian dark chocolate hand poured to the fresh popcorn. An absolute classic!

Popcorn time!

Overall, it was a fun visit. The store was very clean and well ventilated. It was also well lighted and adequately spaced. I like the concept of the store itself. Very modern yet chic. It will always be one of my favorite stores in Rome. I’ll definitely go back!

Fol also serves cold beverages to partner with your own choice of popcorn.
They also offer Fol merchandise.

Fol is located at Via di Ripetta, 28, 00186 Roma, Italy. They are open everyday from 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM. You may contact them at +390687561349.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: FOLpopcornOfficial
Twitter: PopcornFol
Instagram: folpopcorn
Website: http://www.folpopcorn.com/

The verdict: It’s a HIT!
The Tennis Foodie’s favorite: After8, Amatriciana and Eporediese popcorn.

19 thoughts on ““Fol” in love with popcorn”

  1. Wow what an original flavors! Sounds really yummy. Popcorn is very nice, like it also as a healthy hearty snack when it has not that much sweet toppings on it.

  2. Oh, I just adore popcorn so this would be so up my alley. I love the different flavor combinations Fol has. I’m interested in trying the Pistachio and even the Margharitas to see how they taste.

  3. I love the rise of flavoured popcorn brands in Europe, this is something I came across many moons ago in North America and it’s now growing here too, which is great. Fol sounds like a great option, especially to enjoy during a trip to Rome. My choice would be Eporediese!

  4. Haha I love this post so much! I’ve never heard of Fol before or the idea of flavored popcorn abroad. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate-covered popcorn, but prefer something a little more savory. The Margherita flavor sounds absolutely delish!

  5. I would not have guess there would be a popcorn shop in Italy! The pistachio flavor would be the top of my taste list, Italian pistachios are a gift from heaven. So many different flavors to choose from! Where do you even start? (after pistachio, of course).

  6. Margherita and Pistachio – yes, please. These look so tasty and I am already feeling like binging. However, I have never heard of Fol before, but I think it’s a great fusion that brought up some delicious popcorns to their consumers. I am going to surely taste these if given a chance.

  7. Crema di formaggio sounds amazing! Italian pistachios are also absolutely delicious and would love to try that one too. I didn’t realize there would be so many different flavors to choose from. I’m so glad I came across this article.

  8. I love Rome and I love popcorn! I didn’t even know that there were so many different amounts of popcorn flavours! I really wish I read your article before I went to Rome because I would have loved to have visited this place. Thank you for sharing your article it was so fun to read.. even though it has made me very hungry!

  9. This article took me by surprise! I would’ve been added a popcorn shop onto my Rome itinerary until you mentioned it. Fol seems like a very cute and quaint shop. I love all the flavors that the shop has to offer — classic yet also innovative. I think I would be keen on trying the Margherita!

  10. Italians are known for pizza, pasta and lots of home cooking but popcorn? That is very awesome and it is cool that they have many flavours! I am intrigue for the pistachio flavor.

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