How to Relax After a Long Haul Flight

While travel is one of the most rewarding things in the world, flying can often be quite a stressful experience. From running through crowds and waiting in long lines to dealing with airport staff who hassle you for having a few extra items, flying can truly take a toll on you. But still, the best part about any flight is when you’re finally at home or in a cozy hotel room, ready to unwind. So, here are some ways to de-stress and relax after spending too much time on a crowded plane:

Stay hydrated

As you may already know, it’s not natural for human beings to be stuck inside metal boxes for long hours without the ability to move around a lot. And while long flights are detrimental to our body in many aspects, the dry air can often leave us quite dehydrated and make our skin drier and flakier than usual. That is why hydrating before, during, and especially after the flight is so important. But apart from keeping a reusable water bottle around at all times, it is also crucial to use moisturizers, oils and anything else that can keep your body hydrated and your mind relaxed.

Apart from sleep, we should also be hydrated!

Book a relaxing massage

Apart from helping you unwind and relax in the most beautiful way possible, professional massages also enhance your circulation and help reduce the build-up of lactic acid during the flight. And the best part about this is, they are available all around the world. So, whether you decide to visit a spa in Bali or book a massage parlor in Hong Kong, pampering yourself with the most relaxing massage is crucial after any long haul flight.

I love a good massage!

Take a soothing bath

Taking a long, relaxing bath is always a good idea, but especially after you’ve spend several hours trapped between two strangers up in the air. So, one of the first things you should do after you come home or arrive at your destination is to make a nice, soothing bubble bath and maybe even light up a few scented candles for a better and more relaxing experience.

Try some mindful yoga

Sitting in the same place for several hours is a disaster for your spine and your back muscles, which is why stretching is the perfect way to ease up the tension in your body, and what better way to do that than with a few simple yoga exercises. Yoga doesn’t require any special equipment or location – it can even be done in your bed – and it is an ideal way of releasing the built-up tension and feeling more energized after a long, exhausting flight.

Yoga really helps in relaxing your mind.

Go on a short walk

If you can’t stay inside, going on a stroll is the perfect way to relax and unwind. So, load up your phone with your favorite music, take your headphones and just head outside. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or even explore new and interesting places, the important thing is to stretch your legs and unwind from the flight completely.

Read a great book

Reading is a great way to prepare for sleeping. Whether you decide to bring a book with you, pick one up at the airport or even download some e-books on your tablet, the point is to get immersed in a world completely different from your own, which will, in turn, make you completely relaxed and ready for bed. Avoid genres that make you feel tense and agitated, such as horrors and thrillers, and opt for popular psychology or any other feel-good book that will give you a rush of positive emotions and get rid of all the negative feelings.

Whichever one of these relaxing ideas you choose, make sure it is the best option for you, and you will soon find yourself rested, peaceful and ready for anything that may come your way.

10 thoughts on “How to Relax After a Long Haul Flight”

  1. Great advice. I have a long flight coming up so these tips will definitely come in handy. I love the idea of a massage too.

  2. A massage and a bath can cure most anything. I am looking forward to trying these after my next long haul flight based on your suggestion.

  3. My brother is the frequent traveler in the family because of the nature of his work.. I am sharing the link to this article to him and his wife. Long haul flights are so physically draining!

  4. All excellent tips. I find rest and hydration to be my top go-to tips. Thy work all the time and cost nothing.

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