Inspiring Healthy Living with Juice PLUS+

Juice Plus+ is one of the leading brands in providing whole-food nutrition since 1993. It thrives to stand on the following principles: longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity and being approachable. The company also emphasizes on plant-based and whole-food nutrition that is still not essentially part of anyone’s diet.

I had the privilege to interview Ben Tacker, Vice President, Global Branding & Communications of Juice Plus+. Please see transcript below:

TF: Juice Plus+ is a premier provider of vitamins and minerals. Apart from Ana Ivanovic, do you have any other ambassadors for the brand?

BT: Ana has been using our products since she was 15, but she isn’t currently a paid ambassador of our brand. In the U.S. we are honored to have Shannon Miller, the most decorated gymnast in U.S. Olympic history, as our partner. We recently partnered with Zane Grothe, a very talented middle-distance swimmer. He is hoping to follow in Shannon’s footsteps and win an Olympic medal in Tokyo next year.

Ana Ivanovic’s last competitive match at 2016 US Open

In Europe we launched our Let’s Go Beyond initiative, which encourages and celebrates those who go beyond their limits in pursuit of a physical goal. To that end we have partnered with triathlete Josef Arjam, extreme runner Michele Evangelisti and extreme mountain climber Maria Granberg. We have also championed the achievements of ‘everyday’ athletes. For instance, one of our customers used to be inactive and unmotivated, but now she is a keen recreational runner.

TF: Do you have any upcoming products lined up for 2019?

BT: We are proud to launch Lift, the world’s first all-natural, plant-based energy drink. It will be available in Europe during the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile our latest product, Juice Plus+ Omega blend, enjoyed record sales during 2018.

Juice Plus+ Omega blend

TF: What is the current best seller? From your perspective, what is your most favorite product from Juice Plus+?

BT: The past year saw a milestone as our trio of capsule blends – fruit, vegetable and berry – surpassed the duo (fruit and vegetable) as being our most popular order in the U.S., which is our largest market. I believe it shows our customers’ faith in our brand, which of course is backed up by dozens of scientific studies, published in peer-reviewed journals. The capsules are our oldest product – we celebrated 25 years last year – but we are constantly improving our formulas and they remain my favorite product.

Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules

TF: If you are given a chance to design or develop a drug or vitamin for any disease, what would it be and why?

BT: Juice Plus+ products are not designed to treat or cure any specific disease, rather they are intended to support a healthy diet and lifestyle, so we would not be interested in developing products to combat diseases – that’s not who we are.

TF: Lastly, Juice Plus+ is already available in major countries around the world. Do you have any plans to market it in Asia Pacific?

BT: We are available in Australia and New Zealand, and have seen tremendous growth in this region. In fact, sales have trebled there in just a few years.

We are in the midst of relaunching our operations in Singapore and Malaysia, and expect to be able to offer close to our full product line-up within the next 12 months. Thereafter we intend to open more Asian markets. Stay tuned!

To know more about the brand, check out their official website:

22 thoughts on “Inspiring Healthy Living with Juice PLUS+”

  1. I haven’t heard of Juice Plus+ before today, but think it’s something I definitely need to look more into. I’m starting back with my weight lifting and this sounds like it has so many great benefits!

  2. Love this! It’s an easy way to have a healthy habit that can help your body with the necessary nutrients. I always feel tired and I think this could help boost my energy.

  3. Me and the old man do this everyday. I really have changed what I put I n my body over the years and it really does a worlds a difference.

  4. I love JuicePlus+! I’ve been taking it for 9 years! What a huge difference it has been for me! I am allergic to many foods and I have had no allergies from taking this! Better health, great nutrition, and feel great! It has helped with my insomnia also! I am a direct distributor and helped so many people get and stay healthy!

  5. We used to be Juice Plus consumers but we were not seeing the benefits for us. I know that everyone has a different response to different products so this could be the right one for you!

  6. This does sound like a great product, it’s nice to hear it’s plant-based. I can see why so many sportmen are using it, witch such natural ingredients in it.

  7. Using all-natural products to boost your health is a great idea. Their plant-based energy drink sounds interesting too! Have to see if they sell it here.

  8. That juice looks so good and nutritious. It strange I have never heard of them and they been around for a while.

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