Introducing Pocketify: Innovative Fashion Concept

Quebec, Canada, Sept. 4, 2018 via PRNewswire – On a mission to create innovative and interesting clothing items for sports enthusiasts, Pocketify launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding page on Tuesday September 4th. According to founder and CEO Mark Duchesne, the company will offer generous early bird discounts and promotions.

“This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on,” says Duchesne. The founder also noted that “pocket t-shirts are still trending, but finding premium quality ones is almost impossible. As for customizable, shorts, pants and skirts, you won’t find them anywhere else on the web. We believe it’s a great way to have your butt stand out” Duchesne added, with an amused smile.

Pocketify offers a unique concept in clothing. The company currently offers polos, shorts, t-shirts, pants and skirts in a choice of four colors: black, dark gray, light gray and white. Customers then pick a pocket of their choice, from a selection of over 100 pockets. Pockets range in style from sober and serious to fun and funky. Consumers can even create their own or have one created by an independent artist.

The Tennis Foodie x Pocketify

“We’re offering the best of both worlds,” explains Duchesne. “There are times in life when you need to project a conservative, decorous image. And there are times when you’d prefer to be a bit more adventurous. A Pocketify pocket will rise to the occasion, every time!”

You can add pockets in your tennis clothes

The Kickstarter campaign will help Pocketify maintain product quality and provide improved customer experience.

“Our products are as fine a quality as those made by major manufacturers, but to maintain this level of quality we need to invest in high-end equipment and the best fabrics. We also want to invest in a new website, so we’ll need funds for that too.”

Making your classic looks with unique twist

The company is also offering a 1 Pocket a Month for 1 Year Contest. To qualify, participants must follow Pocketify’s Instagram account, or like their Facebook page, and must also make a comment on Instagram or Facebook about a new pocket idea. Ten winners will receive one item of clothing with a pocket every month for a year.

Get yours now!

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About the Company

Created in late 2017 and founded by Mark Duchesne, Pocketify was created to allow more control over what people wear by means of adding unique pockets to standard items. Customers can choose from a wide range of pockets to add interest, in styles that range from the conventional to the casual and comical. With over 100 pockets currently available, there are plans to add a new pocket to the inventory every week.

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Mark Duchesne

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The Tennis Foodie will be collaborating with the brand. Please watch out this space for more details.

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  1. That´s a really great idea! Many times I have seen tennis players with tennis balls stuffed into insufficient size pockets. It should be very popular brand, Alan

  2. Thats so much fun, Classy with a dribble of fun. I’d say these shirts a conversation piece for sure. My grandad always had to have a pocket on his shirt!

  3. Hmm interesting! I would probably play around with choosing my pockets for a long time with that many to choose from. I can’t wait to see more posts from you with some more examples!

  4. I love this outfit it fits together really well. And aside frome that this seems to be really comfortable whenever I wear it. I ahve to look into this.

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