Main Reasons Why Real Travelers Want to Travel

At the time of posting this article, a lot of countries still experience lockdown caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 disease. This means that traveling is still hard to perform and a lot of borders are closed or only certain categories of people can pass through. From now on, traveling will change to a new normal with new safety rules. Besides this, people who for the last year didn’t travel further than the market and office, but wanted to do more, started thinking about the reasons. Can you answer why you travel?

Just to take a break from school or college with its endless custom essay writing? To add some new photos to your profile? Yes, it can be a reason. For real travelers, this is far from true. So read on to see why real travelers desire to travel.

Do you miss traveling too?

#1 To gain more knowledge and experiences

Even though the internet can provide a person with much knowledge, not everything can be found online. This is why real travelers opt to visit the places themselves to discover if what is written in books, magazines, and blogs are real.

When you are in another country, you have the chance to speak to the locals and find out what is true and what is not. You also get to see for yourself the true beauty of the place as photos and videos online often present a more glamorized view to entice people. And of course, you get to hear, smell, and taste the wonders of another place if you are actually there as compared to just listening and looking at the TV.

#2 To challenge oneself

Traveling has become a hobby for some because they want to discover more about who they are. Some have grown up sheltered from the world; thus, traveling becomes a way to become more independent and resourceful. Such people usually visit distant places on their own, learning how to mingle with the locals, and finding their way around without a guide. With technology to show the way, it has become much easier to do this. But the risks are still there, challenging those who wish to prove something to themselves.

What do you do usually in your solo travels?

#3 To meet others

Some very friendly travelers embark on cultural visits because they really love meeting different people. These are the ones who often shun the very touristy attractions to walk around the public markets, barter at the bazaars, and hang out at the local pubs or cafés where they try to strike up a conversation with someone. While some may also have another agenda of meeting their Mr. or Ms. Right on their trip, many more just want to know more about the local culture by meeting and making real friends who they plan on keeping in touch with, even after they have left.

#4 To escape, for a while, from reality

I love traveling because I get to discover new culture and gastronomic spots!

Modern life, though arguably better than the past, is still very difficult and stressful. Many who travel often do so because they need to escape from their mundane lives. Whereas others may seek escape by drinking or partying, travelers find that they need a real change of scenery to refresh their minds and reinvigorate their souls.


It is good that many want to travel today. But if you consider yourself a real traveler, then it’s clear your reasons for going around the world go much deeper than just making others envious of your posts.

19 thoughts on “Main Reasons Why Real Travelers Want to Travel”

  1. I can’t agree more—these are the reasons I travel as well. Travel has given me so many unique experiences and has made me more confident, independent, and resourceful. I sometimes travel as an escape, but you’re right, a change of scenery can be so refreshing and reinvigorating. That energy always lasts long after I return home. Love this post!

  2. I love traveling to eat good food, meet new people, and see new things. I think international travel should be a requirement for people so they do not get stuck in their bubble. It’s such a big world out there. Too bad it’s not funded for us! I would love to see more.

  3. I am missing travelling a lot. Every year we go for 2 big trips and some small ones. There are so many things to learn in this world. In this life wont be able to finish and this pandemic tool away so much of our time.

  4. For me, gaining new experiences is my number one reason. I would never travel someplace and spend my entire time at the resort. That’s not “travel” at least not to me. I want to experience the culture, everywhere I go

  5. This was such a great read. As a person who hasn’t traveled much, I’ve always wondered what drives people who love to travel as often as possible.

  6. We are a family of travelers, and I can say without a doubt that all the reasons you listed here are so spot on. Traveling is about so much more than just heading to a destination.

  7. I can totally relate to your post being a solo female traveler myself. You hit the nail in the head with all the points.

  8. Great post. I love travelling and really miss it. I like to learn about new cultures and especially agree with the escaping from reality for a while. It’s nice to get away from the everyday stuff!

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