Minor Figures Oat Milk Review

Oat milk is an alternative for dairy milk usually made from soaking oats overnight along with water. It’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to start-up their day with a cup of coffee or a bowl of granola and cereal. I recently discovered Minor Figures Oat Milk. A group of painters, jazz musicians, basketball players and barbers, brought together by a love of specialty coffee and all of the creative cultures in its orbit created Minor Figures, a company catering to mostly vegan market. A carbon neutral company, they are offsetting the carbon emissions the company create. They invest into projects that absorb or reduce the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

Minor Figures Oat Milk is now in the Philippines!

In the Philippines, Adile and Natalie from We Eat Organic distributes Minor Figures Oat Milk. We Eat Organic is a wholesaler & distributor of delicious natural products for cafes, restaurants & supermarkets in the Philippines. With the increasing demand for oat milk and other alternatives to dairy milk, I’m happy that I discovered another brand. I got an opportunity to try both Minor Figures Oat Milk and Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk. Here’s my take on it:

Minor Figures Oat Milk contains water, oats, rapeseed oil, tricalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and salt. It’s not too sweet yet creamy with a pinch of salt! It’s a very good complement to your coffee. As compared to other brands, it’s not too viscous or thick yet it’s fully pack with flavors. It reminds me of melted cereals in the morning. I’ll give it a HIT.

Did you know that the Minor Figures mascot is named as Penelope?

On the other hand, Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk contains water, organic oats (12%), organic sunflower oil, salt, potassium carbonate. This contains less sugar and carbohydrates than the firs variant. It has the perfect level of right sweetness and produces a silky micro-foam when steamed for your coffee needs. I actually like this better than the regular oat milk since it’s lighter and much tastier. I’ll give it an ACE.

Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk and Minor Figures Oat Milk

Adding oat milk to your diet gives you fiber, plant-based protein, B vitamins, and minerals, including iron, calcium, and magnesium. It helps reduce risk of heart diseases. It improves gut health and increase immunity. Oat milk is definitely worth trying!

Are you ready to switch to oat milk?

To know more about the brand, visit We Eat Organic official social media accounts:
Facebook: We Eat Organic
Instagram: weo.daily
Website: we-eatorganic.com

32 thoughts on “Minor Figures Oat Milk Review”

  1. I know that a lot of people don’t like Oat milk, I know that I didn’t the first few times I tried it in my morningcoffee… but now a days I love it and I can’t imagine having anything else 🙂

  2. So healthy, I am drooling on it. I like oats and so this one is my choice. Will try to check if I can get it out here.

  3. I’m so glad you did a review on this brand of Oatmilk. Oatmilk is my new favorite dairy alternative (better than almond milk!) I’ll have to give this one a try

  4. It looks like a great option for lactose-intolerant folks. And the fact that it is organic is a big plus.

  5. I can’t wait to try this. I’ve heard of oat milk, but I’ve never had it before. Minor Figures sounds like it’s a great brand.

  6. Ever since I’ve gone vegan I’ve been having huge cravings for milk.
    But this oat milk sounds to me like a healthy, vegan alternative.
    I already love it and haven’t even tasted it.
    I’m not giving up on my veganism for anything.

    1. Update on my previous comment.
      Tried it and I LOVE it.
      I found my new favorite plant milk and it’s thanks to your review.

      Thank you!

  7. I LOVE Oat milk! And I adore their logo! It’s too fun. Thank you for highlighting all the nutritional benefits of oats. They really are a wonderful addition to your diet. And oat milk is a great way to add more of their goodness into your rotation. Yum!

  8. I would love to give this a try. I’ve been hearing a lot about how good oat milk is for me, and this sounds like a great product.

  9. I cannot have dairy milk so I am always looking for alternatives. According to your review, Oat Milk looks like a great one for me. I wish they have it here in Canada.

  10. May I ask from where did Minor Figures Oat Milk came from? Glad there are options available na in the Philippines!

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