Movie Time with Chicken Pile

What is your favorite movie snack? Well, I love BBQ flavored popcorn until I saw Chicken Pile at Cinema Level, UP Town Center in Quezon City. They are serving grab-and-go boneless 11-spiced buttermilk fried chicken cooked to perfection. You’ll surely change your favorite snack while watching your favorite movie.

Chicken Pile stall front

You can choose from their Pile Combo Meals that will surely tickle your taste buds. I had the chance to try the Regular Pile Meal (4 pcs. chicken + rice) as well as Regular Pile Combo Meal (4 pcs. chicken + rice + drink). Check out my scorecards below:

Chicken Pile Menu

I tried Korean BBQ flavor for my Regular Pile Meal (4 pcs. chicken + rice). If you love a homemade / traditional BBQ sauce with a twist, this is the flavor to go for. Well, I was expecting it to be spicy, but it got the balanced flavor of soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and chili. I would give this a HIT.

Korean BBQ flavored chicken with heaps of rice.

For my Regular Pile Combo Meal (4 pcs. chicken + rice + drink), I picked Honey Soy as the flavor for my chicken and root beer as my drink. Well, it’s definitely sweet for me, perfect for Filipino taste buds. This is an ACE for me.

Honey Soy with rice and root beer. Isn’t it a great combo?

Apart from the two mentioned flavors, the chicken is also available in original, garlic parmesan and buffalo variants. Thigh and leg are usually the parts used in Chicken Pile. Don’t worry, it’s boneless for easier munching! It’s really crispy on the outside but very juicy on the inside.

All of the rice meals come with spork! You don’t have to use your hands in eating the rice.

PS: I even took out a Jumbo Pile Meal to try the garlic parmesan and buffalo flavors. I think garlic parmesan was the best flavor I tried during my visit.

My takeaway for the Aquaman movie!

To know more about the brand, follow and like their official social media accounts:
Facebook: Chicken Pile
Instagram: chickenpileph

23 thoughts on “Movie Time with Chicken Pile”

  1. I love that movie theaters are evolving to include food other than candy and soft drinks! Love dinner and a movie; why not have them in the same place? Genius.

  2. How awesome that would be to have meals like that while watching a movie! Chicken Pile’s menu looks really good. I love the flavor your chose. Honey Soy chicken sounds really yummy!

  3. Wow, this is actually really cool! We dont have this kind of stuff around here. I mean fried chicken and a movie? Count me in!

  4. I have never heard of this before, but it looks like the perfect movie snack! And convenient! hope they bring one to NC!

  5. This totally looks like an amazing movie snack. I have never really gotten anything other than popcorn and candy.

  6. I have legitimately never heard of chicken pile before! I would LOVE this at my local theater! DANG! YUM!

  7. If there’s chicken, you best expect I will be there! The flavors and photos are already enough to make my mouth water. I hope we had this in our cinema!

  8. Oh wow, I’ve never actually even heard of this place. Looks so good, though. I’d try it for sure!

  9. This chain must be local to your region as I’ve never seen one in the US. It sounds like they make delicious dishes.

  10. Chicken is my guilty pleasure especially during movie time! Hope they open more branches

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