National Pampering Day at Nailaholics

Last September 28, 2017, it was one of my favorite days of the year – National Pampering Day. We often take for granted our well-being. For this day, I pampered myself by visiting the Nailaholics branch at Glorietta. With over 50 locations nationwide and a roster of some of the most well-trained nail technicians in the country, Nailaholics is the Philippines’ number 1 nail salon and spa. It is a quaint Hamptons-themed destination that offers pampering treatments done in a setting designed to give clients the feeling that they are on a vacation to the beach.

Nailaholics at Glorietta
One of the comfy chairs in Nailaholics at Glorietta

One of the most abused part of my body is my feet. I have to admit that because I play tennis and I walk a lot too. It’s about time to give back by trying Nailholics’ signature foot spa. Upon entering the vicinity, you’ll be able to see the smiles and warm hospitality of the staff. The place is well ventilated and sufficiently lighted. You can feel the relaxing vibe by sitting in one of their comfy chairs.

I’m about to have my foot spa at Nailaholics
Ate’s weapons for today

I availed the signature foot spa because I really want to treat my feet. I usually do foot spa once or twice in two months. Sometimes I even do once a month if I have tennis tournaments or intensive training sessions. What I like about Nailaholics is that they use lemongrass as their scent. It is calming and relaxing at the same time. It’s also refreshing!

Let the battle begin!
About to wrap up!
Foot massage is the best!

After the relaxing experience, I must say that Nailaholics really gave a small treat to my feet. There was a short program too for this day. The guests were treated with lemonade, cupcakes and other small finger foods that will surely elevate the happy hormones in you. I especially like the cookies and of course – cupcakes.

I’m one happy kid!
Some of the refreshing treats at Nailaholics

I really recommend the Nailaholics branch at Glorietta. They are open at 10 AM – 9 PM. To know more about their services, you can visit their official website – or please visit their official social media pages:

Twitter: _nailaholics
Facebook: nailaholics
Instagram: _nailaholics

It’s definitely a HIT for me! 🙂

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