Nothing But Great Taste With Cocio

Cocio was born as a favorite classic drink in Denmark last 1951. Anker Pallesen had a vision of making the best chocolate milk in the world together with his wife Ella. It was born with 3 natural ingredients: milk, cocoa and sugar. It slowly popularized that in 1964, they had to look for a bigger manufacturing plant to cater the clamor of its loyal drinkers. In 1974, the in can version was introduced and it reached out more people in the process. American Borden Group bought the company at 1976 but it was procured back at 1999 by a Danish company. In 2001, Cocio sold and produced 800,000 cans & bottles per day. In 2008, it was sold to Arla, one of the leading dairy company in Denmark. It is available in 8 European countries namely Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Greece.

The brand was made available in the Philippine shores last September 2015. Currently, there are two flavors available: Cocio Classic (original chocolate milk) and Cocio Dark (dark chocolate).

Cocio Dark
Cocio Classic
Did you know that the recipe of Cocio is still the same since it was first produced in 1951?
Are you Team Cocio Classic or Team Cocio Dark?

What I really like about Cocio Classic is that it brings back childhood memories. It’s tradition meets modern: traditional great taste in a modern labeled glass bottle. What else can you ask for? For Cocio Dark, it reminds me of rainy days where you enjoy a nice warm chocolate drink while watching the raindrops in your window. The richness of the cocoa flavor unleashes on every sip.

Bright Lights… Cocio Dark Chocolate…
Cocio Classic: when tradition meets modern

You can enjoy your favorite Cocio drink while watching a movie, strolling at the mall or just simply in your office space / classroom. It’s simple. No additives nor preservatives. Nothing but great taste! It’s a personal favorite by The Tennis Foodie. I personally like both flavors but Cocio Dark really left a mark. This is an ACE for me while Cocio Classic is a HIT. So I guess I’m Team Cocio Dark then.

Your favorite chocolate drink is currently available in the following convenience and grocery stores:

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. Cash & Carry Mall
  3. Family Mart
  4. Iloilo Supermart
  5. KCC Malls
  6. Landmark
  7. Makati Supermart
  8. Mini Stop
  9. NCCC Choice Supermarket
  10. NCCC Supermarket
  11. South Supermarket
  12. Unimart

Thank you to Mr. Raymund Lao, Marketing Manager of Arla for the exclusive interview and Cocio goodies. A commendation as well for Ms. Alexa Tarrosa for the delivery of the Cocio products.

You can check out their official website at

Alternatively, you can follow their official social media accounts:

Facebook: CocioPH
Instagram: cocioph
Twitter: cocioph



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