STARTING ‘EM STRONG: Cheez Whiz is your kid’s breakfast partner to prepare for anything!

Manila, Philippines – Child’s play is getting more challenging—kids nowadays are more active than ever, taking on challenges in the classroom, at home and beyond. Kids need all the nourishment they can get to fuel them not only for their day, but for also for a stronger future.

What’s your favorite Cheez Whiz spread?

A great day starts with a great breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason: kids need the right vitamins and nutrients to do their best in school, have the most fun at playtime and be productive even at home.

As parents, we can help our children stay strong throughout the day, most especially through the food that we set on the breakfast table. For over 50 years, Cheez Whiz has been kids’ breakfast and merienda favorite. With its strength building nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus, Cheez Whiz is not only delicious but its nutrients can help prepare kids for the moments where they will need strength.

Spread Cheez Whiz on just about anything your kids want to eat for the first meal of the day, no matter what activities they have to face. A grueling P.E. class? A mind-bending quiz bee? An action-packed field trip? Cheez Whiz can definitely help kids Start Strong. Now, your child can be ready for anything.

Last June 5, members of the media and their kids were gathered to experience the first-ever Cheez Strength Builders Camp with its newest ambassador’s celebrity mom Chesca Garcia and kids Scarlett and Gavin Kramer. Children were able to enjoy fun physical activities that showcased their strength, powered by a Cheez Whiz breakfast. The Strength Builders Camp featured four (4) interactive zones and five (5) active zones where they get to complete exciting physical activities.

We can help our children to stay strong throughout the day, most especially through the food that we set on the breakfast table. Cheez Whiz can definitely help kids Start Strong. Give them a delicious and more importantly, nutritious breakfast powered by Strength Builders. So, now, your child can be ready for anything.  Not only is Cheez Whiz delicious but its nutrients can help prepare kids for moments where they will need strength,” said Hanz Lao, Cheez Whiz’ Brand Manager.

“A good breakfast is important to me and my family. We all lead an active lifestyle from having an athlete husband to children who are student athletes. That is why a good and balanced diet is followed in our home. The kids need Strength Builders such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients to get them through their day, keeping them healthy, strong and focused. I love it when I see that my kids still have the energy to do other things that are just as important like reading a book, doing arts and crafts. It’s a good combination and balance for their physical and mental development,” Chesca-Garcia Kramer shared.

Cheez Whiz comes in different variants such as Original, Pimiento, and Mild, and in different sizes and prices: 450g Jar (P156), 220g Jar (P79.25), SUP 220g (P72), SUP 115g (P39.25), SUP 62g (P25) and 24g Sachet (P10). It is available at all leading groceries and supermarkets,

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23 thoughts on “STARTING ‘EM STRONG: Cheez Whiz is your kid’s breakfast partner to prepare for anything!”

  1. My sisters love Cheez Wizz. Glad you and your family enjoy it too. Hope you make yourself something delicious with it again soon 🙂

  2. This looks super handy and probably like something my kids would love to eat! The pimiento one looks interesting, I’ll have to try it. 🙂

  3. My grandson’s favorite bread spread. When he was about a year old, he’d always ask me for some “Weet-weet” (Cheez Whiz) on “bwed” (bread). Now that he’s 3 and a half, he loves Cheez Whiz on his rice, veggies and pizza!

  4. Very interesting marketing effort. Not sure how to react to it but, I like the positive initiatives they are pushing around it.

  5. I have loved Cheez Whiz as a kid and even in my teenage years when I was in the Philippines. It’s really delicious, too bad, I couldn’t find it in Germany.

  6. Too funny, my hubby and I were just talking about cheese whiz and how we used to eat it so often when we were kids but we’ve never bought it for our children! Will be buying it again, i loved this stuff!

  7. I love Cheeze Whiz in so many recipes. I have to say that I haven’t seen some of these Cheeze Whiz products before. I’m going to have to start paying better attention to this brand.

  8. Cheez Strength Builders Camp looks like a fun activity for children and I can tell your kids had a lot of fun. I have been eating Cheez Whiz in the mornings for a while now and it makes for a great breakfast for sure.

  9. We love Cheez Whiz. I use it always in pasta dishes. My lasagna is a big hit every time! My children love it on their sandwiches and it also makes a great veggie dip!

  10. I remember eating it on bread as a kid for lunch. I haven’t heard of eating it for breakfast, but hey, why not!

  11. you’re so pretty what a cute family !! I love this, this reminds me to have breakfast! bread for kids are so important! Sounds like a delicious breakkkie


  12. this is my childhood right here :). my mom packed me cheese whiz sandwiches all the time. i thought they weren’t selling them anymore as i dont see them when doing groceries in Canada.

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