The Tennis Foodie Exclusive: An Interview with Dan Holzmann

Being a tennis athlete is very difficult. Apart from the usual fitness regimen, the necessary vitamins and minerals are also needed to improve the performance and well-being. JuicePlus+ is one of the major players in North America and Europe in providing the right nutrition for tennis athletes. It thrives to stand on the following principles: longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity and being approachable.

To know more about the company, here is an exclusive interview with Dan Holzmann, President and CEO of JuicePlus+ Company Europe

Dan Holzmann
President and CEO, JuicePlus+ Company

TF: When did JuicePlus+ started? How did you become involved in the project?

DH: Juice PLUS+ first came to the European market in 1993. I began working in logistics in Switzerland and worked my way up to CEO of The Juice PLUS+ Company Europe. Along the way I opened a number of European countries and we are now expanding into Africa and the Middle East, in addition to our hugely successful operations outside of EMEA.

TF: You supported Ana Ivanovic’s initial career in tennis. What made you decide to sponsor her?

DH: To be honest I was totally naive! I took a gamble. At the time I had no idea how unlikely it was that Ana would be truly successful – she wasn’t even ranked in the top 20 in juniors when I first met her. But I was so impressed by Ana as a person that I couldn’t say “no” when I was introduced to her and asked to assist with her development. I helped professionalize things, and hired her first top coach. We have had some great times, especially when Ana reached No.1 in the world and won Roland Garros.

TF: What are the benefits of taking JuicePlus+ compared to the existing vitamins and health supplements in the market?

DH: We have the world’s most researched nutritional supplement: 36 peer-reviewed studies, published in leading scientific journals, attest to the many benefits of our capsules. Juice Plus+ capsules are a long-term investment in one’s health and are the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. We have over a million customers worldwide, enjoying the benefits of Juice PLUS+.

TF: What are the current bestsellers in JuicePlus+?

DH: Our three capsule blends – fruit, vegetables and berries – remain our No.1 bestsellers. Our Complete shake mix is also very popular, especially with those who work out and require additional protein. The protein is plant-based and it tastes great.

Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blend Capsules
(taken from JuicePlus+ official website)

TF: Health supplements are very popular in Asia. Does JuicePlus+ have any plans to expand in the Asia Pacific region?

DH: Absolutely. This is one of our main goals for the next 3-5 years. Stay tuned!

TF:  What are your tips for upcoming tennis athletes especially on the nutrition and wellness?

DH: I see kids starting to take their fitness and nutrition seriously at a younger age these days. That’s a good thing, as long as they are playing tennis for the enjoyment – to become a professional is really tough, and I would not encourage anyone to neglect their studies in order to become a professional unless they are already competing on the world stage. Obviously I would recommend Juice PLUS+ capsules to young athletes: probably the most common benefit I hear from our customers is the boost that the capsules give to your immune system, which is vital for sportspeople, especially those who frequently travel.

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  1. Your blog really helps out people who want to balance fitness with nutrition. I am a health buff myself and I workout a lot, but I miss out on the nutrition factor that provides nourishment to the body.

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