Things Manufacturers Should Know About Balancing Productivity And Security

A recent report was released that leveraged data from over 17,000 different manufacturing companies across both the United States and Canada to look at what type of identity challenges these organizations face these days. While many manufacturers are still working on embracing their own personal transformations, they are facing two big challenges. The main challenges include the following:

  • Challenge 1- Having difficulty managing permissions and roles with an ever-increasing number of users and applications.
  • Challenge 2- Addressing the never-ending compliance and security risks that come with the expansion of user access.

To help with these challenges, there are at least four different critical points that Compliance Officers and IT Managers looking to embrace digital transformation need to consider when under the development of a new access and identity management strategy.

  1. Third-Party Access Will Continue To Grow

It is becoming more and more common that users get access to company data, apps and networks. Many vendors and supply chain businesses work from different locations. To keep connected requires very complex systems structurally. As the number of external users grows, so will the need to maintain who can access apps and permissions within an organization.

  1. Balancing Usability And Security

For manufacturers, it is critical to cost-effectively and securely connect their growing number of applications and users. Expanding their user access can be an increase in the agility of their business. However, it can be a huge risk if not executed properly. To an unprepared business, it could be extra security risks such as loss of user productivity, data breaches and the disruption of their critical systems.

  1. Cyber Attacks Are Costly And Common For Manufacturers

Many manufacturers handle a whole array of sensitive data such as financials, blueprints, schematics, business plans and partnership agreements. This type of data makes them a prime target for cyber attacks. In a recent article published, manufacturers face a higher amount of phishing attacks than all other industries.

  1. Be Wary Of The Costs To Operate Traditional Identity Management Programs

Most manufacturers get weighed down by the high cost to operate a traditional identity management program. The end users will often forget what their passwords are which causes lots of delays in productivity and can slow down IT with many password-reset requested support tickets. A high amount of external users can result in many problems such as complicated app roll-outs, disparate directories and an overly complex system for identity management as a whole.

What You Should Look For In A Solution To Identity Management

All manufacturers need to find a solution to their identity management problems which will support the scale, complexity and diversity of their user populations and applications. This is true whether the organization is managed through the cloud or on-site. OneLogin can support access for any manufacturing organization. It doesn’t matter if your company’s data lives on premises, the cloud or both. OneLogin will be able to offer users secure access to all of your company applications and the full set of the Cloud IAM features.

The OneLogin offers users features such as multi-factor authentication, a single sign-on ability and integration of a real-time active directory. The solution to your identity management with OneLogin also comes pre-integrated with over 5,000 applications including Office 365, G Suite, SAP and Oracle. It is a secure approach to cloud first. Manufacturers need systems in place where their employees, customers and external partners are able to access the enterprise information. The system needs to be easy and simple for everyone to use. It should also be scalable to keep up with the growth of any manufacturer or organization.

17 thoughts on “Things Manufacturers Should Know About Balancing Productivity And Security”

  1. I’ve never heard of onelogin. I am always leery of giving out my personal information to sites just because of the breaches and attacks. But it looks like onelogin may be something I really should look into to give me that extra safety net.

  2. OneLogin sounds like a useful feature for businesses. I like that it seems simple and easy to use which is really handy indeed.

  3. I always think that if I just wait long enough for something, it will come cheaper. Security, however is so important because you just don’t know when it will be needed! We have a good camera system and it’s really helped but definitely very expensive!

  4. I work on a service desk doing the exact thing this product is designed to do; help users log into a network or system if they’ve forgotten their password. Also, I troubleshoot everything under the sun from broken printers to why “my Spotify isn’t working anymore”. Products like this can save A LOT of headaches for the right company. I don’t know anything about this one and it’s extensibility, but any security sure as hell beats none!

  5. I am so glad I don’t manufacture anything for my business. As much as I have to juggle as a blogger, I can’t even imagine having to deal with constantly changing rules, regs, and the like associated with all the different parts of manufacturing.

  6. Security is a must for companies. I have never heard of one login but it being easy to use and beneficial like it is makes it seem like a great choice! Are there any other programs like it that it can be compared to?

  7. The IT department should have appropriate control and management over access to information through a secure identity management system. Anything less will potentially cause a security breach and the loss of information or assets.

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