Top 7 Red Wines for Quarantine Life with People You Love

In this world of the hustle and bustle, we all crave some time to cherish loved ones and friends. However, tedious workload, deadlines, examinations, classes, and so on, rob us of our precious family time.

However, with the outbreak of coronavirus, the current scenario has changed to a great extent. A pandemic, hurting thousands of people all around the world, also unites families. Ironic. If you are one of those lucky ones are at home, experts recommend spiritual stress management and wine to bond with loved ones and friends. 

In vino veritas,

Let’s cheers to that!

Sangiovese Wines

The Sangiovese grape, rightfully known as Italy’s best-known grape, originated in Tuscany. Why is it known as Italy’s most renowned grape? 

The wine has a beautiful aroma of cherries and herbs that complement tangy Italian dishes, roasted chicken, and cheese. The body and color of the wine lie between that of the Pinot Noir and the Syrah. 

Sangiovese wine is highly acidic and light-bodied, perfect as a present. The taste of wine ranges from earthy to rustic. If you’re a vegetarian, use butter and olive oil. Fat gets rid of the wines’ tannins. Keep food less sweet and enjoy the flavor of the wine. 

Pinot Noir Wines

Pinot Noir, a light-bodied red wine, is renowned for its spicy, yet fruity flavor, balanced by a smooth finish. Pinot Noir is versatile and goes well with strict carnivore diets, also chicken, pork, duck, mushroom, and other such options. This wine, which originated in Burgundy, France, prefers colder climates. As a result, it is popular in France, Germany, the USA, and Italy.  

The aroma of the Pinot Noir wines is like cherry, raspberry, and black currant. The color and texture of the wine are lighter than most wines. August 18th is the Pinot Noir Day. 

Be sure to celebrate the day with a bottle of rich, fruity, and lush Pinot Noir. Take out your wine glasses and enjoy the wine over a wholesome family dinner.

Where do you usually pair your red wine?


Unlike the Sangiovese and the Pinot Noir wines, the Shiraz or the Syrah wine is dry and full-bodied. The red-skinned grapes of the drink give it a gorgeous color that ranges from ruby-red to purple. 

The Shiraz wine is well-known for its unique flavors like dark stone fruit, vanilla pod, mixed berries, and pudding. The wine also has a hint of chocolate, accompanied by some signs of pepper and spice. 

The Shiraz grape originated in south-east France. Beef Wellington, Malay Lamb Korma, and lentils with smoked ham hock are some excellent food matches that you can have by your side with this drink. 

Gluhwein is basically mulled wine. It’s a staple drink during Christmas market season.


Zinfandel, a high-alcohol content, sweet wine, is an epitome of sophistication. It is the only wine grape that originated in America, making California its primary producer. 

Jam, blueberry, black pepper, cherry, plum, boysenberry, cranberry, and licorice are the primary flavors that you will come across in the drink. This fruity, yet spicy drink is light-bodied, like the Pinot Noir wine; and its high acidity gives it an oily texture, which makes it bold. 

The sweetness of the drink makes it a perfect match for spicy curry dishes, savory Japanese food, and light meat. 


Merlot, which refers to the “little blackbird” in French, is one of the most popular red wines in America and can easily be the best recommendation for you and your family. 

Also, you can have it with or with no food. The Merlot has some flavorful hints of plum and chocolate, blackberries, and is smooth, drinkable and dry. Moreover, Merlot has a dark purple color.    

Cabernet Sauvignon

The cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, the Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines in the world. 

The rich, strong drink is bolder and more full-bodied compared to other red wines out there. Black cherries, black currant, cedar, baking spices are the primary flavors that you’ll come across. The wine from Médoc, Graves, and the gravelly areas within Côtes de Bourg and Blaye are the best of their kind. Its rich flavor makes it the perfect partner to grilled and peppery dishes.

The combination of the spicy and earthy aromas, along with some grilled steak, would make an ideal quarantine weekend with the family.

Malbec Wine

The Malbec Wine is an exceptionally fruity, full-bodied wine that has recently gained its popularity in the American markets. Originated in France like most other wines, this wine, unfortunately, had gained little popularity outside the country until recent years because of its vulnerability and the tendency to rot. However, Malbec wine is straightforward to drink, which serves as a perfect fit for family dinners. This dark, inky purple wine will give you flavors of plums, black cherry, and blackberry. Its extreme versatility makes it go with any cuisine, be it Mexican, Indian, Thai, or Italian.

Enjoying wine with your friends is a good stress reliever!


Learn the Food and Wine Matching Basics and Pair Food & Wine Like a Pro!

Final thoughts

Put bottles to good use and give your taste buds a treat, for there are many health benefits to wine! Make the most of this time by bonding with your family over a glass of red wine. Stay safe and healthy! 

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  1. I like sweet red wine! The dry red wine tastes tooooo much like vinegar which is so odd because i love vinegar. Zinfandel is my fav, thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh yes, wine is the need of the hour. Sadly I have only with me at stock. So me and my hubby are wondering whether to gulp it off and go slow. And yes about your collection of beautiful wine glasses, its very much needed. In fact I love having wine or vodka (my favourite too) in curated special glasses. The essence of the drink enhances with it 🙂

  3. Of the wine grape varietals you have included here, I would say Merlot is an ongoing favorite for my palette. It’s smooth taste and full-bodied texture goes well with heavier foods, cheeses or just on its own.

  4. wow. this article makes me realize I still have lots to learn about wines. Before, i only know wines by their colors (red, white..). Forgive me. Thanks for giving this information!

  5. Oh how I wish I could sample these wines to put some calmness in me after a long day. However, there is a liquor ban imposed in our area so I will have to wait to be able to purchase a bottle or two of these lovely wines.

  6. win def helps during this quarantine. those are great tips. our stock is running a bit low so we will have to make a bit of a run

  7. I know practically nothing about wine. I do know that I enjoy Moscato though. I love the sweet, fruity taste! But this post was really helpful because now I know what else I need to try!

  8. I know absolutely nothing about wine so this is helpful! Actually, I don’t drink it either so I guess I have to get ready for visitors one day, right? But I do have beautiful wine glasses, so I have that part right! LOL

  9. Lovely list! I add wines to make weekly instacart orders 🙂 . Which Malbec specifically do you enjoy?

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