What To Do In Oslo

It has been a fun European tour for me last 2017. I have never imagined visiting these wonderful cities like Bruges, Brussels and Rome to name a few. Have you ever had that experience where you have a long lay over but you don’t have any plans in particular? Well, I did the most of my 21 hours in Oslo, Norway.

Go to the city

I started from the Oslo International Airport (Oslo Lufthavn) to Oslo S station. This is the place where I met my college friend Lhyn who I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s a mini reunion!

With my close college friend, Lhyn
The city at night. Looks so peaceful!

I love the trains in Oslo! They have free wi-fi and coffee! Yes! You heard it right! COFFEE!

Oslo Lufthavn
One of the trains in Oslo, Norway

I have seen snow a couple of times but this one in Oslo was pretty special. It actually rained in snow and I was like a little kid playing with it. It was fun!

Mandatory Selfie!
Stay warm!
Always a foodie time!

I tried a Christmas meal in Oslo. It was so good. I had the Juletallerken. It was my first ever Norsk food! Yummmm!

Visit the Christmas Market

I always visit the Christmas Market in any part of Europe. It’s really fun to roam around and discover things you can buy as souvenirs or local cuisines that you can try.

I see some bright lights!
The Christmas Market

Ride a Ferris Wheel

I love riding the Ferris wheel. I was really excited as it was snowing. It gave an additional effect!

The Ferris Wheel
With Lhyn
Selfie in the Ferris Wheel

Will I go back to Oslo? Yes! It was a fun 21 hours lay over. It’s great that I have friends where I can meet here. It’s now one of my favorite cities in Europe (apart from Bruges). Can’t wait to go back!

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Till my next European Trip! Watch this space for more updates.

The Tennis Foodie 🙂

22 thoughts on “What To Do In Oslo”

  1. OMG, I had no idea there’s such a nice Christmas Market in there because Edinburgh always comes to mind whenever Christmas market is mentioned. Would love to visit Oslo someday

  2. I am really enjoying your travels, and all of the things you share with us! Oslo looks cold (lol) but awesome! I have a co-worker who is supposed to be going home with a friend who lives in Norway. I will forward this post to her!

  3. It would be so much fun to travel somewhere and not have plans of where to go or what to see and just do what I feel like in the moment. My trips are always planned so full. I need to stop doing that. It looks like you had a great time and I’m so envious of that snow.

  4. A 21 hour layover is enough time to do so much!! And you seriously make Oslo look like a magical place- from the food to the decor, activities, and ambiance. I love it! I’ve never considered Oslo as a potential place to visit, partially because I didn’t know much about it, but I may be changing my mind now! Thank you for the idea! 😉

  5. I had a long layover in Istanbul one time and I went out and explored the city. It was super fun. I love that trains offer free wifi and coffee! It makes traveling a lot easier.

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