World Class Pili Nuts from The Cracking Monkey

Have you heard of the pili nut? Maybe you are wondering how it looks like or how it tastes like. A pili nut (Canarium ovatumis an edible part of the pili tree native in northern Australia, some parts of southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. They are commonly cultivated and grown in the Philippines.

The Cracking Monkey (TCM) started in 2013 at Guangzhou, China after the Lozadas discovered the magnificent strange nut called pili. The Lozada family, the people behind the famous brand, previously lived in China and Hong Kong but they decided to relocate to the Philippines after falling in love with the beaches of Boracay. They also saw opportunities to grow the business in the Philippines. In 2015, they started the company and the brand in Romblon. Currently, the company has 160 employees of which it provides employment to Bicol farmers and supports the villagers of Tablas, Romblon in producing a world class Philippine made product.

The Lozada Family hails from Colombia. They are currently based in the Philippines.
The TCM factory (The Rising Pili) in Romblon. Valerie Lozada is the brand manager of The Cracking Monkey.
TCM Factory (The Rising Pili)
The Cracking Monkey Factory (The Rising Pili)

The pili nuts can be purchased on 5 different sizes: 300 grams (travel size), 500 grams (personal size), 1 kilogram (fun size), 3 kilograms (family size) and 5 kilograms (eco-friendly size).They are packed in manually sown cotton bags which aims to remove the use of plastics. It is not just trendy but earth friendly too. Every pack includes a patented nut cracker. The bonus part is that you can collect 8 limited edition stickers of The Cracking Monkey logo for every purchase.

The Cracking Monkey is available on different sizes.

As the Lozada family continues to expand the business in Europe and the Middle East, they hope that there will be more awareness on how amazing these pili nuts are. Here are some of the list of countries where The Cracking Monkey are present as of the moment:


  1. South Korea (E-Mart)
  2. Philippines
  3. Vietnam
  4. Azerbaijan

Middle East

  1. Israel


  1. Germany
  2. Netherlands
  3. Switzerland
  4. France
  5. Belgium
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Austria
  8. Spain
The Cracking Monkey in South Korean supermarket
TCM in high end supermarkets in Switzerland (Manor)
The Cracking Monkey in Israel
The Cracking Monkey in Israel (Hamama Market)
TCM in Germany
TCM in specialty shops in Netherlands
The Cracking Monkey in Duty Free Philippines
TCM is also available in Hong Kong
TCM is locally available in Kultura

They are also expanding soon in Russia and Turkey. Recently, The Cracking Monkey was nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in Germany.  It was also featured on Israeli National TV. Truly, The Cracking Monkey is not just sharing the wonders of the pili nuts but also opens windows of opportunities for Philippines as a global leader in food industry. It is definitely a food with integrity.

TCM on Israeli National TV

For orders, you may contact the following numbers:

Landline: +632997-7840
Mobile: +639053076322 and +639283059943

You can also reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: TheCrackingMonkey
Instagram: thecrackingmonkey

The verdict: It’s an ACE! I really like the concept. You can also re-use the bag and the nut cracker. It’s definitely a food with integrity!



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