5 Home Decor Items Every World Traveler Should Have

Do you miss traveling as much as we do? It’s okay, just a little bit more patience and we can dust off our suitcases and hit the road again. In the meanwhile, you can satisfy your wanderlust by redecorating your home with a few décor items that will show off your love for travel and all those amazing spots you’ve visited. Here are few décor items every traveler should display in their home, in their own unique way, of course:

Travel maps

In the past, every traveler had to have and know how to use maps. We still use them almost every day, they are just digital. Maps are a symbol of travel so it makes perfect sense to fill your home with these magical charts. For instance, you can dig out a vintage map from your grandma’s attic and frame it. Or you can take a more modern path by ordering a scratch-off map of the world, Europe or any other continent so you can instantly tell every visitor where you traveled to. If you want to go a little bit more 3D, grab a large corkboard, place a map over it and now you have an interactive travel journal (you can pin different souvenirs, photos and pins to commemorate your every trip).

A good travel map or globe look so amazing in any living room.

Souvenir magnets

When you visit someone’s home and see a lot of magnets on the fridge, do you ask to see their collection? Me too! Magnets are cute and cheap souvenirs so they are easy to turn into a collection of places you and your family visited over the years. However, magnets are not reserved just for the kitchen. You can grab a magnetic strip, hang it in your living room and display all your magnets and stickers. It’s an interesting accent piece that will start many conversations and instantly show off your travel spirit.

Do you also collect refrigerator magnets?

Tribal rug

Every home needs a rug to complete the look and add some softness and warmth to the space. But instead of just hitting a shopping mall and getting a rug, you might consider getting something of higher quality that will not only show off your interior design style but also your wanderlust. Get a rug from the cradles of rug-making, North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, preferably from the masters who live and work there, practice their skills and wish to continue this old craft. But if it’s too late and you’ve already been to these countries, you can find these rugs all over the world. It’s even possible to find traditional rugs in NZ and still decorate your home with original and hand-crafted floor coverings while you live on a remote island. Rugs made by artisans always have character, soul, beauty and value, and they show off your travel spirit.

Travel-inspired throw pillows

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home is with throw pillows—they are cute and useful. But don’t just opt for any throw pillows, but choose the designs that remind you of all your adventures. For instance, passport pillows look like the front of world passports, while airport pillows feature your favorite destinations’ airport codes and vintage luggage tags. You can also choose a classic travel quote like “Life is meant for adventure” or “Oh, the places you’ll go” that will always remind you to keep an eye for adventure opportunities wherever you go. 

Adventure Decoration Interior Pillow Decor Bed

Vintage suitcase storage

If you’re looking for an accent feature in your living room or bedroom, look no further than vintage suitcases and trunks. These can be used for so many things but their primary role is storage, so why not turn them into double-duty furniture with storage underneath? Or turn your suitcases into bookshelves so you can display all your favorite travel souvenirs and cute finds. If your home has an industrial vibe, you can go with metal suitcase shelves. Additionally, if the idea of suitcase décor appeals to you, you can show it off even more by investing in a luggage rack. This allows you to display your suitcase in an awkward corner and opens up space underneath for storing everything from shoes to books and throw blankets.

When you can’t travel yet, you can at least transform your home into a fun space dedicated to all the destinations you’ve visited and want to visit in the future.

23 thoughts on “5 Home Decor Items Every World Traveler Should Have”

  1. This is such an interesting take. I’ll maybe put more travel inspired throw pillows in my sofa and bed.

  2. I also collect ref magnets. So far, my ref has 20+ ref magnets from local and international destinations. I hope to add more soon after the pandemic.

  3. I love the idea of a scratch-off map! Super classy and a great way to share your adventures.

    1. For me, souvenir magnets is always a must have every time I travel. It’s not just a great souvenir or remembrance, it’s also budget friendly and also ideal giveaways for your friends. Mugs is also another great item. The pillow however seems like a great idea 😊
      Thank you for sharing

  4. Such an interesting article to read. I really love travel mugs. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Travel maps will definitely save you when you are stuck, I assure you. Where you are might have changed according to what they eyes see, in the first place but you’ll always trace your way back from there! I love them!

  6. I’m so obsessed of home decors and these Travel decor looks eye catching Souvenir magnets are my favorite it look so cute 🙂

  7. Our family almost always buys a souvenir magnet when we travel. It’s a fun way to remember all of the places we’ve been.

  8. I love all of these! I have a push pin travel map in my office, we are getting ready to pin our 50th country. It’s so fun!

  9. I’ve seen that travel map before and that’s definitely something I would love to have someday when I start traveling! Those are some great items to check out some time and thanks for sharing.

  10. These are awesome home decor ideas. I have always liked globes. We had one growing up. As a kid it was fun to spin it and then stop it and see where my finger would land and in my mind that is where I would travel too, haha.

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