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My Story

Emmanuel "Emman" Damian started his own platform last December 4, 2016 after years of reviewing through social media and other premier websites. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Master of Science in Innovation and Business at Asian Institute of Management. He also studied Master of Science in Molecular Medicine. Emman also finished a postgraduate course on Strategy for Health Care Delivery at Harvard Business School (Harvard University).

Apart from his corporate work, he is also the founder and CEO of the award-winning start-ups, Padama and Hinera. Recently, he founded 999 Tier Infinity Group of Companies serving as Vice President.

A licensed pharmacist and scientist, his passion for Food and Tennis gave birth to The Tennis Foodie. Emman is also a tennis player who loves to travel and to eat. The Tennis Foodie has been traveling since he was a teenager and always find hidden gems and popular gastronomic spots wherever he goes. His gastronomic journey begins now and let The Tennis Foodie share it to you.

Awards and Achievements

  1. Food & Beverage Blogs - World Rank #1
  2. Top 15 Philippines Male Bloggers -  World Rank #1
  3. Top 50 Gastronomy Blogs - World Rank #6
  4. Top 70 Filipino Food Blogs - World Rank #9
  5. Top 30 Male Blogger (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - World Rank #21
  6. Top 100 Tennis Blogs - World Rank #20
  7. Food Blogs Award 2018 Winner (Manila, Philippines)
  8. Annual Bloggers Bash 2018 Finalist - Hidden Gem Award  (London, United Kingdom)
  9. Coffee Snap Photography Contest 2018 Winner (Manila, Philippines)
  10. Annual Bloggers Bash 2019 Winner - Best Food Blog Award (London, United Kingdom)
  11. World Blog Awards 2021 Finalist (Cannes, France)
  12. Best Food Blog 2021 Winner (Utah, USA)
  13. 18 Top Philippines Male Bloggers To Follow in 2021 - World Rank #3
  14. 15 Top Gastronomy RSS Feeds To Follow in 2021 - World Rank #3
  15. 46 Top Gastronomy Blog To Follow in 2021 - World Rank #6
  16. 64 Top Filipino Food Blogs To Follow in 2021 - World Rank #10
  17. 90 Top Tennis blog To Follow in 2021 - World Rank #14
  18. 70 Best Filipino Food Blogs and Websites (2024) - World Rank #19
  19. 40 Best Gastronomy Blogs and Websites (2024) - World Rank #6
  20. 100 Best Tennis Blogs and Websites (2024) - World Rank #38
  21. 25 Best Philippines Male Bloggers and Websites (2024) - World Rank #1

TV Appearances

  1. Ang Kabuhayang Kayang Kaya Episode 45: Catch Up Plan - Golden Nation Network (GNN)


  1. Zipkick Ambassador
  2. FoodieTribe Influencer
  3. Thought For Food Ambassador for Asia Pacific
  4. Foodmnl Ambassador


  1. Featured in Manila Bazaars as one of the Top Food Bloggers in the Philippines (Manila, Philippines)
  2. Featured in Kapwa Travel (Cebu, Philippines)
  3. Featured in High Style Life (Melbourne, Australia)
  4. Featured in MightyGoods (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  5. Featured in VoyageMIA (Miami, Florida, USA)
  6. Featured in K-Open Closet (Oslo, Norway)
  7. Featured in Chow You Later (San Francisco, USA)
  8. Featured in Discovery - inflight magazines for Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon (Hong Kong City, Hong Kong)
  9. Featured in Catchberries Design (Oslo, Norway)
  10. Featured in Small Talks (Varna, Bulgaria)
  11. Featured in Tennis Lifestyle Podcast, Episode 10 (Cape Town, South Africa)
  12. Featured in See Imagery (Michigan, USA).
  13. Featured in Shout Out Miami (Miami, Florida, USA).
  14. Featured in BrandBuzzPH (Manila, Philippines).
  15. Featured in Department of Trade and Industry [Usec. Abdulgani "Gani" Macatoman] (Manila, Philippines).
  16. Featured in Canada Beef (Calgary, Canada).

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Important Invitations

  1. Invited by Embassy of Chile
  2. Invited by Embassy of Canada
  3. Invited by Embassy of Australia - Taste Australia