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Have you ever wonder how Buzzfeed and Insider made their amazing food videos and photos? Well, you have to learn the basics. Make learning a lifestyle! Recently, I discovered Foodmnl Studios which holds workshops that suits your passion for photography and food.

Currently, they are offering four classes this quarter:

Dishes and Lenses is the Basic Food Photography Workshop. If you want to learn how to take tasty food photos and discover your inner potential in the world of food & beverage photography, this is the right class for you.

Here are some further details about this class:

This workshop entitles you to:

  • Introduction to different camera brands
  • Modes of using the camera
  • Types of Metering
  • Basic equipment (flash, diffuser, bounce cards, reflector)
  • Depth of Field, make Bokehlicious shots
  • Angles best used in food photography
  • Use of focal length
  • Importance of the Tripod
  • Natural vs Artificial Lighting
  • Use of ideal backdrops for food photo
  • How to make food shots standout

In the Afternoon,

  • Actual Hands-on Exercise on Food Photography
  • Group engagement
  • Constructive evaluation
  • The Do’s & Dont’s
  • Q & A session

Food in Motion is the Food Story-telling in Cinematography class. To know more how food stories are being created and told in front of the camera, this class ensures that the artistic juices are utilized to create a delicious storytelling in the commercial advertising.

The HollyFood on the other hand is the Food Styling Essentials in Advertising workshop. The food is the celebrity on this class. It lets you master the art of food styling and how this vital skill can make any food presentation standout in every photo.

Hearts and Pasta will cover the Artisan Pasta-making at Home. This is a post Valentine’s day class that lets you discover new ways of dating with your family, friends and partner. A cooking workshop where you’ll get to learn how to make your own pasta.

This class is inclusive of kitchen apron and snacks. It will also include actual hands-on participation & cooking demonstration. It will be a real-time cooking and recipe eating sessions with Chef Clyde Del Rosario

All lifestyle classes (number 1 to 3) includes morning snacks, lunch meal and afternoon snacks. Every class tackles the basic theory and let participants have actual skill exercises.

To know more about Foodmnl Studios, follow their official social media pages:
Facebook: Foodmnl Studios
Instagram: foodmnlstudios

31 thoughts on “Foodmnl Studios Lifestyle Workshops”

  1. I think these would be invaluable classes for any food blogger. They might come in handy if you’re on a trip, and you want to spruce up a social media post, food blogger or not.

  2. Oh wow. This is something I really need improvement on! I will have to check out these workshops. Learning a new skill is one of my goals this 2019.

  3. My son is training to be a chef. He earned his degree in Hotel Management but is more passionate about culinary arts. I will let him know about these workshops. I am sure he would love to attend.

  4. These workshops are going to be a big help for people interested in a career in restaurant management and culinary arts. I will share the info with my best friend. Her daughter is dreaming of opening her own restaurant/bar after graduation from college.

  5. This workshop looks like it would be so much fun. I have never been super great in the kitchen and so this would be great for me to learn.

  6. This is some really nice work. You can never be over the top when it comes to stuff like this!

  7. Now that’s my kind of workshop. I have been thinking of attending at least one this year to help me over here too.

  8. Wow,
    I never heard about place like that. The place looks like is good for couples for workshops! I need to bring there my Wife !

  9. First time to hear about this place and it sounds like a great workshops to everyone.

  10. Food photography is a separate scale from other photography disciplines to know how to do this is a great skill to have.

  11. These workshops are really interesting. As I have earlier mentioned, I need to improve on food photography. If the venue was any where near me, I would sign up in a heartbeat.

  12. What a fantastic idea and course for food bloggers or a passion for food photography! I’d love to take this workshop!

  13. That’s awesome! I’m a sucker for those buzzfeed and tasty videos. I actually save all of my recipes that way! I think the eye-catching videos and photos make it way more fun.

  14. I love taking images and I have been for yours but its only just recently that I have started to develope my skills with food, so thanks for your tip 🙂

  15. This sounds like a great course. I know I’m terrible at photography, so anything I can learn is great. My lack of skills is why I generally don’t do food photos.

  16. My girlfriend has a foodie blog and she loves inventing recopies from scratch. She also loves taking photos of her exquisite meals. I think this workshop would do her good. I had no idea there was a whole science behind taking pictures of food.

  17. Aaaahhhh….I really wish this was one workshop that can be done online! What a beauty and besides, I would love to pick up a few things to do with photography.

  18. The perfect post for people looking to learn something new in the kitchen and enjoy different food styles!

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