What to Wear for a Weekend Getaway

If packing light is not your style, you’re not alone. Too many eager travelers are tempted to pack three suitcases worth of garments to satisfy their every stylish craving, only to end up lugging their bags around while they open up a single one. A getaway is meant to be relaxing, stress-free, you’re not supposed to get annoyed at your suitcase hours before your trip!

What do you usually pack during your weekend getaway?

This is, basically, your getaway from packing on your own. We’ll guide you through the process step by step, so that you can throw stuff in without looking back and not waste hours of your life pondering how many pairs of sandals to take. Hint: you’ll only need the one pair. Ready, set, go!

Layers are your best pals

Friendly clouds can become moody clouds, and a sunny day can turn into a windy one in a heartbeat. If you’re going to a place you know well, then you know its fickle nature best. If this is your first time visiting a destination – layers are the only way to save your skin.

How do you pack up your things before your trip?

We’re talking about two or three days for your trip. So, a pair of leggings can double as a daytime and evening solution when paired with a simple tee or a stylish tunic. Add an oversized black sweater or a faux leather jacket, and you’re all set.

One go-to outfit for all occasions

We all have that one pair of high waisted jeans that go splendidly with every single button-down and every single crop top we own. That’s the one, so to speak. A pair of heels and that shirt can turn it into an evening option, while flats such as sneakers or sandals with a printed tee can keep you comfy for your daytime adventures.

The beauty of your jeans is in their simplicity. You can wear them with a floral top, that very same black sweater, or a silky blouse if you know and plan to go out for a fancy dinner. Jeans are every traveler’s best friend.

Consider the destination and the weather

Now that we have it down to jeans/leggings, tee/shirt, plus one warm layer in the form of jacket/sweater, you can work your way up from there depending on the weather. Going to a sizzling summer resort for a weekend of spa pampering? You’ll spend your days basking in a bathrobe, most likely, so consider shorts as a worthy addition. A maxi dress, especially a cotton or linen one is also an option! It may also be a good idea to invest in some bikini (for more info, check https://strangebikinis.com/blogs/news/underwire-bikini) if you want to get a good tan.

Do you love wearing jeans?

Alternatively, a mountain escape calls for more than your basic layers, so make sure to have something warm and fuzzy with you, whether it’s your favorite college sweatshirt, or an extra sweater, as long as you stay warm, you’re good. No need to overpack.

Comfort and purpose over all else

Unless you do have a fancy dinner planned, you should keep your footwear simple and multipurpose. A pair of simple white sneakers is a perfect example: you can wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, and you can wear them for any sight-seeing you plan to do.

You can, of course, pack an additional pair of sandals or wedges that can keep your feet fresh while you bask on the beach or the porch – because you’ve been smart enough to travel while wearing those sneakers! That’s a simple way to keep your carry-on light without leaving your favorite wearables behind.

Stay minimal with accessories

Of course, in addition to a pair of shades, and a hat, one could claim that you need nothing else. But if you’re a fashionista, you’ll feel the undeniable urge to pack your entire bauble collection together with most of your makeup. Resist it and keep it basic – a red lipstick, your favorite mascara, and you’re good to go.

Stay minimal on accessories or other fashion items.

As for your jewelry, simplicity should be your guiding star much like with your wardrobe, so make sure that you pack something for that special dinner planned, such as a pendant necklace, and perhaps a pair of earrings. At this point, it’s no longer about the space this stuff will take, but about the principle. Keep stress to a minimum and bring only the items you know you’ll wear, without imposing stressful choices on yourself.

A minimal mindset in packing is an art form, one that takes time to develop, especially for those short trips. Keep this little guide nearby, and you’ll find it easier to adjust one weekend getaway at a time!

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  1. This is so important. My goodness. I have forgotten many pieces because I have just over thought about activities that were planned. Comfort clothes are so important. Great article.

  2. Great tips! I am a terrible packer and tend to take way more than I need – usually it’s clothes that ends up never being used. I learned a few tips now!

  3. These are great tips. I always end up packing way too many clothes. Checking the weather forecast is a good idea.

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  6. There are some really good tips here. I always pack way too much. Layers are a fab idea though xx

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  8. Great idea for packing light. I also pack one to two high waisted jeans with me wherever I go. They are suitable in any weather and can match with almost any clothes.

  9. I’m all about a carry on when I go away to places these days. ESPECIALLY weekend getaways! Less is MORE IMO – and if you need something, just get it there!

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