5 Packing Mistakes Most Travelers Make

It’s time to go on a holiday, and you cannot wait. However, before you actually embark on, perhaps, your most exciting trip ever, there’s the daunting part of packing. Some of us like to pack, and spend hours and hours carefully planning about the things we will take with us, while others do so in the very last second. Be that as it may, all of us make certain mistakes when it comes to packing. So, what are these and how to stop making them?

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Not checking the weather forecast

It’s pretty obvious what you need to do. Before actually starting to pack, it’s very important that you check the weather forecast for the place you’re visiting. You definitely don’t want to be surprised by rain with those shoes that are not waterproof, nor do you want to pack your winter clothes and arrive at a destination where it’s actually quite hot during that specific weekend. Checking the weather forecast will furthermore direct your packing into one direction, so you don’t have to worry about taking both clothes for hot and cold weather. However, always bear in mind that the forecast is wrong, so it’s good to pack something in case the weather changes.

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Waiting until the last second

As already mentioned, there definitely are people who pack very, very late. This is not only bad because you won’t have time to carefully and nicely pack all of your clothes (you don’t want wrinkles on your clothes, but more on that later), and there are high chances of you forgetting something. In case you are the one who packs last minute, it’s very important to know the priorities. If you’re going to the seaside, for example, make sure that you have your swimming suit packed first. Also, since you will definitely want to change a couple of times while there, don’t forget to pack an extra. Now, since you’re packing very late and you don’t have time to go shopping, you can always try and find a fashionable one piece swimwear online and have it delivered at your home or perhaps the hotel you’re staying. Also, it’s a very good idea to order such things online no matter when you’re packing as it can actually save you a lot of time.

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Not rolling your clothes

Speaking of wrinkles, there’s another way in which you can prevent this, while also saving a lot of space in your suitcase. Many airline companies offer the possibility of only one suitcase per ticket, so it’s crucial that you make the most of it. The best way to achieve this is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. It’s an excellent way to maximize your suitcase space, and thus leave plenty of space for other things or even leave it empty for souvenirs and gifts. How to do it: Fold your clothes lengthwise before rolling it tightly, like you’re rolling a sleeping bag.

Not leaving space for gifts and souvenirs

If you carefully roll your clothes, you will maximize the space in your suitcase that you can either use for bringing more stuff with you, or even better, for the gifts and souvenirs you buy at your destination. We always buy something, so it’s very wrong to do to a holiday thinking you won’t be buying anything and thus leaving no space in your suitcase. Of course, you won’t be getting anything big, but allocate one part of your suitcase for small souvenirs. This could also be a hidden pocket in your suitcase, so you might want to forget about it while packing.

Forgetting your food

The last packing mistake that you might be making is perhaps the most important one, and it can happen very often if you’re packing in a rush. Forgetting your food is not only bad as you won’t have anything to eat while travelling, but it can also be very costly as you will have to spend extra money on food on airports or a place where you’ll be making your stops. Always have healthy snacks in your backpack, or even a sandwich, and most importantly, a bottle of water! Hydration is important!

Even though packing can be a nerve-wracking task, we all somehow love it as it means that we’re going somewhere exotic and interesting. So, it’s safe to say that packing is a bittersweet activity. Try to make a list of all the things you want to pack in order not to forget them. Also, pack your documents and booking/flight confirmations first – this is the most important!

28 thoughts on “5 Packing Mistakes Most Travelers Make”

  1. This post was written for me as I’ve forgotten all of these at some time or another. I am especially bad about not checking the weather and not making sure my clothes are rolled up nice and tight so they don’t wrinkle. No one wants to iron on holiday or vacation.

  2. I agree so much with you. I am someone who plans well in advance so that there are no regrets later.

  3. I found out the hard way about leaving space for souvenirs….when I was in Disney and had to buy an expensive suitcase to get them all home in.

  4. I seem to always forget this one: Not leaving space for gifts and souvenirs. I’ll end up getting another bag for it.

  5. I have anorexia that’s why I tend to forget food. But the rolling clothes part I feel is very important because it saves space too. Apart from that weather forecast is very important. I made that mistake once and suffered a lot.

  6. These are certainly some mistakes that can seriously affect the quality of a trip. Fortunately for me, I rarely make these mistakes anymore.

  7. Not watching the weather forecast is a very true point! It’s happened more times than I realise that I packed the wrong things. I don’t tend to bring food however, so this one doesn’t apply to me!

  8. We are now full-time travellers and travel with only a carry on but we only travel to destinations that are warm LOL we don’t do cold anymore. It certainly makes it easy for packing. Actually, we don’t check the weather report, it is something we should probably do. We used to roll our clothes but now find it easier to use packing cubes. Thanks for the reminders of what not to do when packing.

  9. Oh trust me, I did not bother to check the weather forecast of Kenya when I traveled there last summer, I was thinking it will be hot, and to my surprise, it was chilling cold in many of the national parks, and I had to wear layers. I have learnt a lesson of life. Plus thanks for your other mentions of mistakes.

  10. I must say I’m guilty of most of these. I never get around to checking the weather forecast and always throw things into my suitcase at the last minute! That’s probably why I’m always a bit stressed at the start of a trip.

  11. That last one always gets me. I have find of gotten used to rolling my clothes and checking the weather before I even start packing. Actually, look at the seasonal wheather for the time of year I am travelling to a particular destination. I have yet to master having enough time to get food because I always end up spending more money at the airport or along the way to buy food when I could just make something at home and used the money saved for tours or something at the destination.

  12. This is a very helpful post. I can relate to the mistake of leaving the packing for last minute even though I’m not good at it. I love to pack in a carry-on and in that attempt forget to keep space for souvenirs. Great travel packing tips.

  13. Totally agree with your points! I don’t even get why some people don’t plan where they would go and what they should take well in advance. I get super antsy if I don’t plan with enough buffer. Also, glad you mentioned healthy snacks, it is such an important part of your backpack or hand luggage!

  14. I agree we all do some packing mistakes which are very useful though it looks very small thing. Rolling clothes is very important to keep clothes wrinkle-free. I always do last minute packing which sometimes creates panic.

  15. I have done some of these mistakes in the past. After sometime, it becomes a habit tho. Nowadays, I don’t need more than 20 minutes to pack and I (almost) never forget anything

  16. i def wait until the last sec and i usually miss something and have to buy it. great tips. i also pack way too much!

  17. Rolling does a better job of keeping wrinkles out too. Packing can make a trip better or worse depending on how well you do it!

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