How to Relax After a Long Haul Flight

While travel is one of the most rewarding things in the world, flying can often be quite a stressful experience. From running through crowds and waiting in long lines to dealing with airport staff who hassle you for having a few extra items, flying can truly take a toll on you. But still, the best part about any flight is when you’re finally at home or in a cozy hotel room, ready to unwind. So, here are some ways to de-stress and relax after spending too much time on a crowded plane:

Stay hydrated

As you may already know, it’s not natural for human beings to be stuck inside metal boxes for long hours without the ability to move around a lot. And while long flights are detrimental to our body in many aspects, the dry air can often leave us quite dehydrated and make our skin drier and flakier than usual. That is why hydrating before, during, and especially after the flight is so important. But apart from keeping a reusable water bottle around at all times, it is also crucial to use moisturizers, oils and anything else that can keep your body hydrated and your mind relaxed.

Apart from sleep, we should also be hydrated!

Book a relaxing massage

Apart from helping you unwind and relax in the most beautiful way possible, professional massages also enhance your circulation and help reduce the build-up of lactic acid during the flight. And the best part about this is, they are available all around the world. So, whether you decide to visit a spa in Bali or book a massage parlor in Hong Kong, pampering yourself with the most relaxing massage is crucial after any long haul flight.

I love a good massage!

Take a soothing bath

Taking a long, relaxing bath is always a good idea, but especially after you’ve spent several hours trapped between two strangers up in the air. So, one of the first things you should do after you come home or arrive at your destination is to make a nice, soothing bubble bath and maybe even light up a few scented candles for a better and more relaxing experience. You might even find that a bit of medical cannabis goes a long way when trying to relax in the bath. These bongs under 100 dollars are perfect for if you’re travelling as they’re not too expensive if they get lost or broken. All that’s left is to apply a face mask, soak your hair in conditioner, lean back and relax.

Try some mindful yoga

Sitting in the same place for several hours is a disaster for your spine and your back muscles, which is why stretching is the perfect way to ease up the tension in your body, and what better way to do that than with a few simple yoga exercises. Yoga doesn’t require any special equipment or location – it can even be done in your bed – and it is an ideal way of releasing the built-up tension and feeling more energized after a long, exhausting flight.

Yoga really helps in relaxing your mind.

Go on a short walk

If you can’t stay inside, going on a stroll is the perfect way to relax and unwind. So, load up your phone with your favorite music, take your headphones and just head outside. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or even explore new and interesting places, the important thing is to stretch your legs and unwind from the flight completely.

Read a great book

Reading is a great way to prepare for sleeping. Whether you decide to bring a book with you, pick one up at the airport or even download some e-books on your tablet, the point is to get immersed in a world completely different from your own, which will, in turn, make you completely relaxed and ready for bed. Avoid genres that make you feel tense and agitated, such as horrors and thrillers, and opt for popular psychology or any other feel-good book that will give you a rush of positive emotions and get rid of all the negative feelings.

Whichever one of these relaxing ideas you choose, make sure it is the best option for you, and you will soon find yourself rested, peaceful and ready for anything that may come your way.

30 thoughts on “How to Relax After a Long Haul Flight”

  1. I always take a bubble bath after a long-haul flight. It makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed. Thanks for these useful tips!

  2. I think to have a good massage and then sleep will be the best for relaxing after a long flight.

  3. After a long flight I usually take a bath as well, it’s definitely soothing and helps you relax.

  4. I usually try to catch up the local time. And, I try to eat things I usually like and go out to breath the fresh air. It works for me very good.

  5. Great advice. I have a long flight coming up so these tips will definitely come in handy. I love the idea of a massage too.

  6. A massage and a bath can cure most anything. I am looking forward to trying these after my next long haul flight based on your suggestion.

  7. My brother is the frequent traveler in the family because of the nature of his work.. I am sharing the link to this article to him and his wife. Long haul flights are so physically draining!

  8. All excellent tips. I find rest and hydration to be my top go-to tips. Thy work all the time and cost nothing.

  9. I also love to read a nice book and relax after a long hall flight. Taking a walk is a good idea as well. If I am returning home I usually like to go on a long run. It feels so nice to use my legs after being cooped up for 15 hours. I always feel like a massage sounds amazing after a flight, but don’t think i’ve tried it. maybe i will do this on my next trip.

  10. After I returned home from my first trip across the world, I booked myself a 2-hour deep tissue massage. I’d spent months sleeping on questionable surfaces/beds/train seats, etc. and my body needed to be worked on. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. On the flip-side…when I took a flight from LAX to Amsterdam to Bucharest, the first thing I did when I got off the airplane was rent a car and drive a few hours to a new destination. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t recommend this…

  11. Hydration is so key! I always book an aisle seat because I’m basically chugging water before and during all my flights which results in many trips to the bathroom! I also like to get back into my daily workout routine as soon as I get home and have found that to help a lot too! Great tips!

  12. I hadn’t considered a massage but I can see how that would be beneficial after sitting for so long. I tried a pill called jet lag and I thought it helped a lot. But staying hydrated is key! I bring a water bottle always.

  13. My go-to ways for recovering from a long flight are definitely a massage and a good bath. In recent trips, I’ve booked a massage as well, and I’ve never felt so pampered! I think staying hydrated is also extremely important.

  14. Great tips on how to relax after a long haul flight as sometimes it is too tiring after a long flight. Going for relaxing massage and yoga must be a great thing here. Even I try to adjust my body clock before flying as it helps a little bit.

  15. Bubble bath and massage sounds relaxing already. Staying hydrated is really really important. One of the best ways to relax after a long haul flight is to slow down and chill, have some hot coffee or soup too.

  16. I agree with the Stay hydrated tip and I think people underestimate the importance of this. I remember being on a British Airlines flight for 9 hours and they only served water 2 times during that entire time. Just as mentioned it is also important to keep staying hydrated AFTER the flight as well. I always get dry and brittle nails and skin after having had a long haul flight so I am really tryign to be cognizant of the importance of keeping oneself hydrated.

  17. These are great tips for anyone who has to fly long distances. I’ve never taken a flight of any sort, but I have a friend who routinely has to fly cross-country and across the ocean, and he says it gets very uncomfortable.

  18. I love to do whole-body stretching and take a nice, long, hot bath after a long haul flight. It really helps loosen up my muscles after being crammed into a sardine can with wings for hours on end.

  19. A massage after a long flight sounds like just the thing! I’ll bet it’s a great way to loosen up those tight muscles after being in the air for hours and hours.

  20. I usually go on a walk to explore the city after a long-haul flight, and it helps so much to get moving after being cramped in a tiny seat for so long! I love the idea of getting a massage, though. I should book one for after my next long-haul heading home when I just want to relax!

  21. Absolutely good tips for after long haul flights. I take bubble baths while reading a book as my go-to combo!! I’ve recently begun doing yoga and just 10 minutes makes my entire dat better.

  22. Really good tips for after travel relaxation. I always get scared to travel for a long time.

  23. When I travel from India to US or UK and then back within a short time due to the business trips, I really need to relax for long. I get jumbled up between the jet lags. Will follow your suggestions.

  24. Excellent tips for long distance travels. I always need to relax after traveling. Thank you for sharing

  25. I feel relaxed just by reading your article. I love all those activities especially meditation it is so soothing.

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