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My Story

I'm a tennis player who loves to travel and to eat. I have been traveling since I was a teenager and I always find hidden gems and popular gastronomic spots wherever I go. My gastronomic journey begins now and let me share it to you.

Awards and Achievements

  1. Top 50 Filipino Food Blogs - World Rank # 17
  2. Top 50 Gastronomy Blogs - World Rank # 20
  3. Top 100 Tennis Blogs - World Rank # 35
  4. Top 15 Philippines Male Bloggers -  World Rank # 5
  5. Food Blogs Award 2018 Winner (Manila, Philippines)
  6. Annual Bloggers Bash 2018 Finalist - Hidden Gem Award  (London, United Kingdom)
  7. Coffee Snap Photography Contest 2018 Winner (Manila, Philippines) 


  1. Zipkick Ambassador
  2. FoodieTribe Influencer


  1. Featured in Manila Bazaars as one of the Top Food Bloggers in the Philippines (Manila, Philippines)
  2. Featured in Kapwa Travel (Cebu, Philippines)
  3. Featured in High Style Life (Melbourne, Australia)
  4. Featured in MightyGoods (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  5. Featured in VoyageMIA (Miami, Florida, USA)
  6. Featured in K-Open Closet (Oslo, Norway)

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