Leveriza Tennis Cup

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Tennis was believed to have originated in France during 12th century where a ball was struck with the palm of the hand. During that time, there was no racket available yet not until 16th century that rackets came into utilization. Tennis came from the French word tenez which means hold, receive or take. It was usually played indoors. During that time, Henry VII of England was the biggest fan of the game. The first tennis club was founded on Avenue Road, Leamington Spa in England, United Kingdom. The governing body for tennis is the International Tennis Federation.

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Tennis is a very volatile sports. It’s usually unpredictable depending on the competitors entered in the draw. What makes it more exciting is that sometimes even the great competitors may choke under pressure. Their game may collapse and eventually face defeat. Tennis is also psychological. There are instances that some competitors may irritate their opponents. For an instance, the grunting issue for Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka. This grunt may distract their opponents and saw them being intimidated by their usual groundstrokes. Some players like Laura Siegemund projects ruthlessness as a dogged competitor. It lets her opponent distracted and nervous. The crowd may also be a factor in the outcome of the matches. Home court favorites may get more practice times as well as crowd favor during matches. I’m lucky that Leveriza Tennis Court is one of my home courts as I get a lot of support from the crowd and the members of the club. We are like a family here.

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Currently, Leveriza Tennis Cup is still on going. I usually play well in this event for the last few years.  It’s a hard court tournament with 32 size draw. Do you have any predictions on who will win the tournament? Who do you think will make the final? Check out The Tennis Foodie for updates.

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  1. This is a lot of useful information that I had no idea about! I love the part about when tennis first started and they used their hands instead of rackets. That sounds like fun.

  2. I haven’t followed tennis in a while, but I used to really enjoy the sport. I worked as a nanny for triplet boys, and they took lessons and played (two of them even got scholarships in college) very well, so I spent a lot of my life learning about tennis LOL

  3. I learn to play tennis few years back and got so addicted to it. I hope to develop this interest life long. Seems like you have so much knowledge on tennis and I am glad to pick up few tips from you.

  4. I quite enjoy to watch tennis, I think it’s a sport that must be much harder to play than it looks. It’s great you feel like the courts you use are like a family to you, it will only enhance your love for playing!

  5. Oh wow. I learned a lot about the sport by reading this blog post. My dad was a big fan of the game and played on weekends with his buddies. I also like how tennis outfits have evolved through the years, from dominant whites to now bright colored/printed ones.

  6. I love how Tennis originated from Tenez. And Whoa..how did they manage to hit with palm let alone enjoy it? I am thankful for the invention of rackets 🙂

  7. That has happened at Barcelona, away to Roma in the Champions League last season for example, while it has also occurred more often than not during the forward’s career with Argentina.

  8. At Barca, Messi has been given the conditions to produce his breathtaking best and lead the Catalan club to great heights – especially during Pep Guardiola’s spell in charge between 2008 and 2012, less so since the departure of Xavi and later Neymar.

  9. With Argentina, however, that has not really been the case and even before taking the job, current coach Jorge Sampaoli spoke of the need to take care of the country’s star player and replicate the environment in which he thrives at Barcelona.

  10. However, he is still trying to find that balance and after Messi missed a penalty and Argentina drew 1-1 in their World Cup opener against Iceland on Saturday, there was yet more doom and gloom from fans and the media in his homeland.

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  12. Another former Argentina great, striker Hernan Crespo, was more critical. “Messi deserves a five [out of 10 for his performance],” he said. “Of course, we expect more from him, but Messi is not Maradona, alone he does not win a World Cup.

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  14. Tennis is my favorite sport! I started playing when I was a kid. But it has been a while since I’ve picked up my racket, but plan to teach my daughter how to play. Hoping she loves tennis as much as I do.

  15. Oh wow this sounds like an exciting tournament! I can’t believe tennis was said to have started in the 12th century and continues to this day being quite the sport.

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