Be More Imaginative with the Sweet Promise of Toblerone this Mother’s Day!

Manila, Philippines – Moms. Where would we all be without them? These superwomen have been with us since day one and have taken on the roles of nurturer, cheerleader, disciplinarian, provider, educator, confidante, friend and more to show how much they love us. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to #BeMoreImaginative and give Mom your most thoughtful promise with Toblerone’s Mother’s Day Blank Packs.

We sure do love Moms and they love us. That’s why at some point in our lives, our moms may havekept asking us to do something. You’re probably familiar with the following lines: “Clean your room!” “Drive slowly” “Get a haircut.” There are so many reminders that are sure to ring a bell! You may find them repetitive but you know deep inside that your mom only wants what’s best for you.

This Mother’s Day, Toblerone gives you the opportunity to make your Mom happy and make a thoughtful promise while gifting her with Toblerone’s delicious Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Aside from gifting your mom with the rich, chocolatey goodness that she loves, each Toblerone pack has a blank panel where you can write your promises to your mom, in relation to the things she asks you about. It’s time to let your mom know that you listen to her.Make her feel loved by finally following her wishes and by giving her a thoughtful, heartfelt gift.

A Promise to Kris

The Philippines’ Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, is well-known and loved because of her humor, wit, and ability to share practical life advice. Her fans also love her for having a very close relationship with her sons, Josh and Bimby. More and more people follow her because of her fun life adventures on television and social media.

This Mother’s Day, the supermom shares her creative side by designing two of her very own limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Blank Packs. Coupled a specially-designed Toblerone pack by none other than Kris herself and your handwritten promises, this imaginative gift will surely melt your mom’s heart!

In addition, Kris and her son Bimby give us a glimpse of what makes their relationship so close. With the help of the limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day packs, Bimby will be revealing some of the promises he’ll be making to his mom on this special occasion!

Promises are more thoughtful with chocolate

Aside from welcoming Ms. Kris Aquino into the fold of brand ambassadors,Toblerone has also teamed up with four of the country’s most promising young artists for this year’s limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Packs.

Alessandra Lanot, a designer and watercolor teacher most known for her workshops, created delicate floral patterns for the brand’s iconic triangular peak packaging. Anina Rubio, a visual artist deeply inspired by nature, travel, and the great outdoors, came up with a heartwarming design that shows the sweetness of motherhood.  Googly Gooey’s cute and whimsical take on the packaging design gives it a fun and youthful twist! Lastly, Toblerone Valentine’s Day Art Contest winner Louise Dimagmaliw made a feminine pattern that reflects the occasion’s high spirits.

This modern take on Toblerone’s famous packaging is an inventive way of making a promise to your mom.Who can resist smooth milk chocolate, yummy almond nougat and honey, combined with a heartfelt promise written on a beautifully designed Toblerone pack?

These limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Art Packs are available nationwide in leading supermarkets, malls, and convenience stores this season. So make sure to give your mom this imaginative gift and make this Mother’s Day the best one yet!  Make your mom a thoughtful promise with Toblerone!

All Toblerone flavors are available in 100g (Php 106), 200g (Php 206) and 360g (Php 400)
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31 thoughts on “Be More Imaginative with the Sweet Promise of Toblerone this Mother’s Day!”

  1. Creatively made chocolates with sweet messages? Wow, who would not want that! Every mom will truly appreciate it 🙂

  2. Would it be bad if I told you have never had these before. I have seen them around but never tried them. I have a friend who swears by them! (She loves her chocolates!)

  3. Oh yes! Toblerone is a sweet favorite at our house. Even my son who hates anything but milk chocolate, will have toblerone with stuff in them!

  4. My mama is the sweetest! Toblerone is a great way to let her know how sweet she is. Love the packaging for Mother’s Day!

  5. You can never go wrong with gifting Toblerone especially on Mother’s Day. I didn’t know they made so many different kinds, I just discovered the dark chocolate one this past Christmas.

  6. You cant go wrong with chocolate on Mother’s Day in my opinion. Especially a lovely Toblerone they are so nice!

  7. We love Toblerone chocolate it’s just not sold locally to us so we have to order online. This would make a great mother’s day gift because it is something that’s not common around here so it’s like a special treat! Love it!

  8. I fell in love with this chocolate when we lived in Europe. I was very happy to see it arrive in the states. One of best chocolates

  9. I love Kris Aquino and everything that she stands for. She may be a lot of things but she’s definitely the kind of mother you should emulate. Oh, and I love toblerone, too. lol

  10. I love Toblerone. Very nice Mother’s Day gift treat. I bet my mom would love it. Thanks for this gift idea!

  11. Great idea for gift for my friend, the chocolate sounds perfect! Wonderful blog 🙂

  12. Chocolates are always a welcome gift. I include them in the gift basket that I give to my sisters on Mother’s day. I will be giving them Toblerone this year!

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