CCTV Security in Melbourne

CCTV Security is the best way to protect yourself, your family, or your business. Cameras as well as a good Business alarm system are deterrents against criminal activity, whilst they can also help to catch criminals who may have stolen from your residential or business property.

We’ve been helping our Melbourne-based customers keep their property safe for over 20 years. Our CCTV systems have stayed right on-trend, matching the recent advancements in security camera technology. Once your cameras are installed – at a competitive price – we offer ongoing service and maintenance.

Our fully integrated camera systems are much more than just cameras – they become an asset inside your home, whether you’re watching television on the couch or half-way across the country. Read more about how we can turn your house into a safe and secure smart home here

Home CCTV Cameras Get Smarter and Smarter

High-tech CCTV cameras are a thing of the modern age, especially our fully integrated CCTV systems. These remote-controlled cameras are linked up to an app which records and stores footage of your property. We offer one of the best CCTV systems in Melbourne based on our post-installation service – we’ll help you link your new cameras with an integrated system, connecting alarms and keypads around your home using the best brands in the market such as Alhua and Hikvision.

Do you use CCTV at home?

Connecting Your Smart Home in Melbourne

Our integrated systems are more than just cameras. They provide an entire programmable system which can be linked into your existing smart home devices. Each system has voice control via devices like Alexa and Google Home, mobile device integration with both Apple and Android devices, and the ability to control and monitor your home remotely.

Image Quality

Forget grainy images and stuttering frames. Poor video quality for CCTV Cameras isn’t going to help anyone catch a criminal. Our systems provide high-quality imaging and round-the-clock surveillance. You can monitor the energy-efficiency of the cameras by choosing to turn them off during the day and leave them running through the night.

More Than a Security System – Smart Home Features

While you can monitor the cameras through our security software, there are plenty of life-enhancing features we can set up, too. Automated lighting and climate control, automated window coverings and remote control via a mobile app are just a few of the exciting extras when you protect your property with us.

CCTV Cameras for Your Melbourne Business

Your business is safe when protected by our high-tech security cameras. Everything is enabled to be handled remotely – built-in image detection software, remote video surveillance and control via your mobile phone make it easier to keep an eye on your property. Your Melbourne business deserves the best CCTV cameras on the market.

While cameras are a strong start, we also work to help you with alarm systems, motion sensors and accident-proofing. To find out more about how we can help transform your business into a safe and secure work-place, contact us via phone, email or visit us at

Security Bollards

There is a wide range of bollards which can be used as an effective security solution. Our well-engineered bollards protect pedestrians, motorists, infrastructure and business assets. We have provided bollards for some of the world’s most vulnerable industries, including the oil and gas industry, diplomatic embassies, religious institutions, government facilities and much more –

Our team is well-versed in the optimum types of bollards to solve security issues. Let us evaluate your situation and we will offer professional consultation to guarantee the best type of bollard.

High-level Security Solutions

Unfortunately, we are in a day and age where security bollards are more important than ever. Our extensive knowledge in the industry has evolved into many types of bollards, from retractable bollards for pedestrian areas, car parking bollards, and energy-absorbing bollards to protect both pedestrians and drivers. However, our specialty is bollards for high-risk security situations. Our industrial-grade bollards are designed and manufactured in Germany and installed across Australia and New Zealand by a team of experts.

What kind of CCTV do you use at home?

Highest Security Risks

Our industrial-grade bollards are designed to protect pedestrians in the event of a vehicle attack. These bollards are manufactured in Germany and installed by our expert team in Melbourne. Our experience in the industry of civil infrastructure and security solutions helps us provide expert consultation on where and how to install anti-terrorism bollards. We also provide a wide range of hostile vehicle mitigation and entrance control equipment, check out our security products here-

Bollards to Protect Pedestrians in the Melbourne Area

There are a variety of bollards specifically designed for pedestrian areas. One of the most common types of bollards is retractable bollards for areas frequented by pedestrians which might need to be accessed by service vehicles or delivery vehicles. Alternatively, Energy Absorbing Bollards are most useful in areas where there are both high-density traffic and regular pedestrians.

Car Parking Bollards

These robust steel car park bollards are designed to protect assets and pedestrians from low-impact collisions. While the base of the bollard is sturdy, the outer layer is designed to absorb energy and prevent damage to vehicles while also protecting pedestrians. These types of bollards are regularly tested for collisions up to 20 km.

End Terminals Protect Motorists

Heavy-duty end bollards are specifically designed to reduce damage and the risk of injury during high-speed motoring accidents. It’s our goal to install bollards which both prevent catastrophic damage and prevent the vehicle from damaging other vehicles or nearby assets. These industrial bollards meet all requirements of PAS 68.IWA 14-1

Other Types of Bollards for Specific Situations

While our bollards put security first, there are occasions where we’ll be able to install bollards that don’t compromise on aesthetics. Contact our team to find out how we can help with custom orders. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have many options to choose from when it comes to security bollards – visit us at for more information.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to keep your property safe. Silent alarms don’t have the visual aspect that you get when cameras are right out there for everyone to see. I love this idea.

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  3. I think they’re a great way to keep your home and family safe. We’ve been fortunate to live in a safe neighborhood so far.

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  5. Home security is an extremely important issue. There are many robberies and kidnappings that can be avoided by a good security system like the one you are offering.

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