Hong Kong Apartment Decorating Tips and Ideas

When decorating our home, most of us like to prioritize our personal taste and style in an effort to create a design that appeals to us the most. And although our preferences are important, having an apartment in Hong Kong often means squishing into something a bit smaller than you might be used to. Unfortunately, smaller spaces can turn out to be quite difficult to design, requiring special tactics and the right choices in order to feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming. So, here are some of the best apartment decorating tips that will allow you to achieve just that:

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Play around with colors

While it might come as a surprise, bolder and brighter colors can actually have quite a significant impact in small spaces. For instance, painting one statement wall in a darker color could make the apartment feel larger, while incorporating the same accent color throughout the space adds interest and dynamic.

However, having too many colors might make the space feel disjointed, so make it a point to stick to two colors. Choose a main neutral hue such as white or cream that will dominate your apartment, and then highlight with a more impactful color such as shades of green, blue, or deep orange. Don’t forget to incorporate your accent color throughout the entire apartment, from living room cushions to bathroom tiles, in order to make it appear more cohesive.

Incorporate more texture

Similar to color, you could also play with different textures throughout the apartment in an effort to add depth and appeal. However, it’s still important not to go overboard, to avoid a busy and messy design. If you want to make your Hong Kong apartment feel bigger, simply use the same material throughout, such as neutral wood or bamboo for everything from the flooring to the furniture.

Always play with different textures and colors.

Then, combine this base with one or two different materials to create interesting layers. For example, you could select the same cotton or leather for the couch, living room chairs, and dining chairs, and highlight with woolen throw blankets or fluffy decorative pillows for the best effect.

Create zones with rugs

When you are working with smaller apartments, particularly if they are focused on open-plan living, creating specific zones is one of the best solutions for achieving better form and function in the space. Rugs are a great way to accomplish this, allowing you to create a separate living space simply by centering a sofa around a rug, or to fashion a dining area by placing a rug under your dining table and chairs.

What’s more, you can find incredibly beautiful rugs in Hong Kong that are made from natural materials and in neutral colors and patterns that can effortlessly complement any space. Not only will such rugs help you create functional zones, but they can also be a brilliant solution for adding more texture, dimension, and layers to your apartment.

Select your furniture wisely

Although the type of furniture you select might always be important, it’s even more so when decorating a small apartment. Apart from being functional, your furniture should also help to make your apartment feel more spacious and airy, so make it a point not to choose anything too bulky or too tall.

Use space-saving furniture to maximize your space.

Instead, opt for pieces that appear to be floating, such as couches and dressers on small legs, as they tend to give a sensation of lightness. In order to minimize occupied space, any small apartment could also benefit from built-in furniture like closets and bookshelves, or even versatile multipurpose pieces that serve several functions, such as convertible beds, pull-out desks, or ottomans with additional storage.

Let more natural light in

After all, the simplest way to make any small space feel bigger and brighter is by incorporating natural light. If you have plenty of windows and other natural light sources in your Hong Kong apartment, simply removing any coverings and letting the light in will be enough to create a lighter feeling.

If not, there are a couple of other tricks you could use as well. For instance, placing mirrors around your apartment will help to reflect natural light and make your space feel brighter, while plenty of artificial lighting, from ceiling fixtures to floor and table lamps, could compensate for the lack of natural light in your space.

Even though small spaces might be difficult to design, there are still ways you can make them look more spacious, cohesive, and beautiful. As long as you incorporate the helpful decorating tips mentioned above, your Hong Kong apartment will soon feel like a home.

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