5 Party Food Tips Every Host Should Know

Is there a person in the world who dislikes parties? Probably yes, but the number is not that big. Anyway, yes, all of us love parties for different reasons. Some of us like to get wasted, others love to go to parties to be seen, and there are always those who come to parties because of everything, but just a teenie weenie more because of the food. We are all these people to a certain extent, as the combination of food and drinks is very important for a good party. This doesn’t mean that you have to go big or go home. No, you can also opt for finger food, but there needs to be something for the guests to chew on. Anyway, if you are organizing a party anytime soon, these are the things and ideas that you should have in mind.

What’s your favorite drink during a party?

Go with fruit

Regardless of the food that you want to feature at your party, you need to have fruit. This is something that many people make a mistake in, without realizing that fruit will keep them fresh and make the whole night much more interesting. Fruit is something that we all eat, but truth be told, it doesn’t cross our minds once we are drunk. Having fruit next to the dance floor is a great idea as not only will the dance floor be much more interesting, but you will prevent plenty of people becoming incredibly drunk as they will always have some fresh food to eat.

Lemons and oranges are common citrus fruits

Think of originality

There are, of course, many different options for the food at your party. However, since you will have plenty of other things to worry about, it would be best to find someone who will deal with food instead of you. Finding the best catering in Sydney or a city in another country is a great idea as not only will they be letting you choose from their menu what you want for your party, but they will also arrange everything and bring it to your address. This means that you will literally have to do nothing but order and choose the style. The best idea for a party would be finger food as people can eat that while dancing as well, and a catering company will probably make the best finger food dishes.

What is your most favorite meal or food item in a party?

The sweet table

Every party should have a sweet table. This could be organized in many ways, depending on the things that you want and like. For example, if you want a big cake, so be it. If you, on the other hand, want cupcakes or something similar, why not? The sweet table should be next to the bar, as people who drink alcohol will want to come over and grab a bite of something. This is also a great idea to feature if you are going to offer interesting and unusual alcoholic drinks. Maybe you can try the SugarHouse Promotion Code.

Try some punch or cocktails!

Think of the decor

May it be Christmas, Easter, Halloween or your birthday party, you will need to think about the decor of not only the venue of the party, but the food as well. The buffet should always be nicely decorated, and this is something that you will have to (and want to) spend some time doing. What is good is that you will always be able to find good decorations in cheap stores, or even find some that you can make by yourself or with the help of your friends. Make sure to find that one friend or family member of yours whose aesthetics you like, and ask them nicely to help you out with your party. Pretty decorations don’t need to be very expensive, you only need to think outside of the box and have a little imagination.

Who doesn’t love Mojito?

Don’t forget the vegans

If this is your first time organizing a party, then you have to bear in mind that you shouldn’t forget about vegans and vegetarians. The good thing is that this will not cost you anything more, as there are ways in which you can save by making plant-based food for your guests (of course, if it is you who is making the food and not the catering service. In the case of the latter, make sure to instruct them what and how to do). Having vegan finger food on the table will show how respectful as a person you are, which is always a plus.

You might think that organizing food for a party is an easy thing, and this is where you would be wrong. It is not challenging, but there are many things you need to worry about. Have these things in mind next time you’re making a party and you will have a great one!

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  1. We love to host parties on occasion. We usually do a Halloween party, and a couple throughout the year. These tips will come in handy for our next one.

  2. Great tips, I have had some luck with some great catering companies, especially if I’m not in the mood to try to figure out awesome dishes to make, or if I just want to enjoy myself as a host. Saves so much time!

  3. Such a helpful article! I’m hoping to be able to have the opportunity to entertain and host more this year and I love these ideas – especially thinking of the food and decor as one and together.

  4. These are some great tips to make hosting a breeze! I always like to pre make food so I spend more time with my guests

  5. There’s so many things to think of when hosting a party. These tips are great, especially the one about remembering to cater for the vegans.

  6. Thanks for giving the shoutout to the vegans! I’ve gone to so many parties this summer where I’ve not been able to eat anything more than carrots and hummus.

  7. These are great tips. I do host parties at home, but only for a small group, mostly family, so we usually skip the decorations. As long as there is enough food and drink, we’re good!

  8. Beautiful clicks. I love going to parties and also hosting them. I hate going to parties where the food is for ‘show’ and not people consume it because they all seem to be on a forever diet. Lets face it no party is successful without good food and drinks. Like your tips and hope more people will read them as I hate it when vegetarian or vegan food is not served.

  9. Thanks for sharing these tips! We’re getting our house ready to sell, so we haven’t hosted a lot lately, but I want to soon!

  10. All great suggestions. It is amazing how our taste change as we get older. 10 years ago, I would have simply served pizza rolls as finger food at my parties.

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