6 Tips to Save Money on Food

If you like eating out with your friends, but your budget doesn’t allow so, you can suffice by cutting a few corners here and there. Following, we are giving you some guidelines that will help you save money while dining out and even buying groceries. So, you better consider this money-saving hacks!

1. Share the Love

You better share some plates (whether big or small) with the rest of the table. This way, everyone in the group will save money. Just make sure you have a variety of food including pasta, veggies, etc. This way, you will have a good time without overspending. Even though you taste more dishes, you will end up saving more money. So, the only thing you can take out of this tip is that sharing is caring (for your wallet as well).

2. Leave the Dessert Menu

It doesn’t matter how much you love chocolate; if you are short on budget, then you better leave for home after the main course. If you are a sweet tooth, then you can go home and enjoy some ice cream. You don’t need the overpriced dessert at the restaurant.

Not to mention, skipping dessert regularly can help you lose some weight.

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3. Sit at the Bar

If you want to visit a high-end restaurant without breaking your bank then you a better seat at the bar. You will find small plates menu here. Don’t worry, you will get the same great food, but for less money as compared to the dining room. Sitting near the bartender have its benefits. If you converse and get along, you might have a few drinks on the house.

Bar Front

4. Save with The Happy Hour

Are you Looking for affordable food at Burwood? If yes, then you better take benefit of discounts and happy hours. It can help you save big on food. If you want to eat out, then you better do it during the happy hour. This will help you save big on drinks. Yes, you might not leave stuffed, but you will have lots of food for a light dinner, not to mention you will create some wonderful memories with your friend.

5. Go Big and Go Home

Restaurants may have large servings. This way, you end up eating more then you do at your home. So instead of ordering several tiny plates of expensive items, you might as well find solace in the massive portions. You better spend in large entrees which you know you won’t finish easily. Eat and wrap the leftovers for home and save it for another meal.

Large Butterfly Squid

6. Get a Membership

If you visit a place regularly, then you might as well look for a loyalty program. Try to join the club; this will get you some insider deals. Yes, it might cost you a bit to sign up, but you will be welcomed with an instant reward just as you sign up. It will help you save money every time you sit there and eat. So, it’s a worthy investment.

23 thoughts on “6 Tips to Save Money on Food”

  1. Hey, I go big and go home all the time! Usually, my favorite items on the menu are the ones that come in a big portion anyway. I just enjoy and then take home the rest!

  2. Great tips! We sign up for our favorite restaraunt’s email list too because sometimes they’ll send out coupons to their subscribers.

  3. Some great advice here on saving money on food. For me, I usually avoid drinks with my meals. I strongly believe that drinks in restaurants are highly inflated in cost.

  4. The sitting at the bar tip is a good idea. Youre right they have a smaller plate menu at the bar verses dining so that makes sense!

  5. That’s a good tip to sit at the bar to eat. Sometimes the portions on the full plates are too much to eat anyway.

  6. When I go to any grocery shop or any resturant I used to pick many things to eat.I was supposed to eat everything so your article is really helpful to me and from these tips may be I can save something.

  7. Great tips to save money on eating out! We don’t eat out too often, instead we order take out almost weekly!

  8. Some of my favorite restaurants are exactly that because their delicious food comes in very generous servings that last 2-3 days.

  9. 6 Tips to Save Money on Food is really an informative guide to saving money. I can’t wait to utilize some of these great ways to save money!

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