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Eye lashes matter too. Anyone who has taken the time to painstakingly apply a set of falsies on their lids can attest to this. And if it wasn’t so excruciatingly difficult to use, you’d be hard pressed to meet a girl who wouldn’t readily add this to their beauty routine.

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This is where eye lash extensions come in.

Lash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure that promises lush lashes without having to deal with the daily application and upkeep. If you’re a fan of low-maintenance makeup routines, then lash extensions can arguably be considered a cosmetic cheat code.  You can wake up, leave the gym, go straight to a fun night out after work, even take a #wokeuplikethis selfie, without so much as lining your eyes or swiping mascara. Not only did you just cut down your makeup routine significantly, you also don’t have to worry about runny makeup—all the while knowing that you look perfectly put together.

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You see, for the uninitiated but curious, eyelash extensions aren’t made equal for all. And the secret to getting great ones that last, are the experts and science behind all of it.

According to Francel Montaṅa, Brand Manager there are numerous factors that go into the proper application of lash extensions. It’s not as simple as gluing strands to your lids—it’s a delicate procedure that requires precision, very high quality materials, and an understanding of customer needs and expectations.

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For Ooh La Lash, the entire process begins with the customer. They begin with their eye shape, then factor in the strength of their natural lashes, and then take a look at their brows, to choose a customized lash design that’s best suited for them.

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Following that, Ooh La Lash technicians are trained to delve into their client’s lifestyle, which factor greatly into the longevity of their extensions. Do they wear eyeglasses? Do they wear makeup everyday and will therefore have a pretty intensive makeup and cleansing routine? Are they getting them done for a trip and won’t be available for touchups?  These questions, while seemingly innocuous, matter.

“In addition, we put a lot of premium on the quality of our products. These are your eyes after all—it’s one of the most sensitive and delicate areas of your face, so we want to make sure that all the materials we use are safe and gentle, but secure and durable,” says Montaṅa.

For example, Ooh La Lash warns of extensions that promise longer hold times. Lash extensions that promise to last up to 8 weeks means the glue being used is loaded with preservatives that could easily irritate your eyes; apart from the fact that eye lash growth (depending on your ethnic background) can typically add weight on the natural lash that supports the extensions, causing the extensions to droop and look uneven.

“You also want to make sure that your lash extensions are light and soft. Heavy and stiff materials combined with strong adhesives will make your lash line look crunchy, causing your natural lashes to twist and turn in its place.”

The assumption as well that lash extensions are high maintenance isn’t necessarily true—but only if you go to an expert to begin with. Improperly applied lashes made from subpar materials can feel heavy, uncomfortable, and may require additional upkeep to keep them looking full. That completely negates the whole purpose of getting them done to begin with.

Quite simply, it pays to go to a salon that knows what they’re doing. So be sure to choose one that you can trust.

In line with this, I’ll be doing a pamper giveaway to one of my loyal readers. Simply follow the instructions below:

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