7 Simple Steps To Find The Best Tailor In Your Area

The appearance of a person plays an important role to build public opinion as a status indicator. Therefore, people for whom reputation matters try to sew clothes to order. But, in order to get an elegant and classy look thing you need to find a good tailor.

Someone may unreasonably conclude that the era of individual tailoring has long passed. In fact, this is not at all true. Because your city can offer to its demanding customers a variety of ateliers for individual tailoring. So, if you decide to hire the services of such master then you should read this article to find the best tailor in your area. Let’s discuss now:

  • Google

Google search is the quickest way if you need to start with something. You will find a big database of all tailors in your area on this search engine. It will be better to say that Google is the most appropriate way to find all potential tailors. There, you’ll have to recycle tons of information results from the multitude of lists. Because you will find most companies to be listed on Google, but some information can be outdated. Therefore, make sure to call in advance to clarify the current address and time of the tailor.

  • Word of Mouth

Having good references is the best way to find a tailor in your area. For this, your near and dear ones can help you a lot. Once you have found a trusted tailor, he becomes a tailor for life. You can also ask your dry cleaner as most of them will have a tailor for repairs and referrals. But remember, always prefer to hire a tailor that have store or workshop in the market. Because they are well aware of fashion ins and outs.

  • Yelp

Taking help from yelp is an excellent source of information and its results are better filtered than Google. The best part is that Yelp shows results which are incredibly relevant and has excellent feedback. It also has photos of previous customers to make your choice easier and you can know exactly what you will get as a result. Written reviews on Yelp give you an idea of ​​what to expect and what to look for. Of course, you should stay away from those who have a bunch of first-class reviews.

  • Newspapers

Newspaper classified ads are also on the advisable list to check out the best tailor located in your area. Many tailors prefer to advertise their store in their local newspaper. So, you can take help from their pamphlets, brochures or even from newspaper ads. Few tailors also mention their stitching rates and golden work experience in the sewing industry. You can take benefit from it too.

  • Phone Book

Almost, all phone book are designed according to various categories to make an easy search for the users. In their business listing, you can also find a category for tailoring. But the difficult step is to find the latest phone book. If you are unable to find at your doorstep you can also use yellowpages, Yellowbook or any other local website.

  • Visit the Store

Personally visiting the store to is the other best way to know about your nearby tailors. This technique gives you an idea that they are not lazy or sloppy and can deliver you your suit on time. Moreover, with personal visiting, you will also get some underneath benefits:

  • You will get a better fit
  • You can check their material quality
  • You can easily highlight your personal style
  • There is less time & effort wasted
  • Your clothes last longer

Check Their Work

Once you have done with the searching process and reached the tailor’s doorstep, remember your finding process do not end here. You have to check the tailor’s work and their stitching techniques. If you are going to sew products that are quite sophisticated in technology, then you should choose a tailor that have experience in sewing products with the latest trends. Remember, his experience must match with the suits similar to those you are going to order.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find the best tailor in your area. But remember, your body shape does not matter if your suit is sewed by an experienced tailor. So, before hiring your tailor you must check him on all the parameters that you love to find in your suit.

This is a guest post by John, working as a professional blogger at J.H. Cutler, which is a one-stop solution for bespoke mens shirts. He loves to write about latest fashion trends.

30 thoughts on “7 Simple Steps To Find The Best Tailor In Your Area”

  1. Google and word of mouth are definitely my favorite ways to find trusted businesses and establishments to visit! Great tips!

  2. I think it is always best to check their work and see the items they have done for others. The worst thing would be to be left disappointed in a tailor-made item.

  3. great guide! Finding a good tailor is a blessing for each person. it bring so much more confidence and effortlessness into daily fashionable life

  4. Custom tailoring is very expensive in my area. We have few places that cater to the buying public and making one great suit can eat a chunk of a clothing budget. It is worth it for that very special one off.

  5. I wish every man would use these tips and find a tailor. My husband and I can’t handle seeing a man in a suit that’s too big! We definitely believe in going to a store and talking to someone. I think a good tailor is hard to find, but so worth it when you find one.

  6. Years ago it seemed so easy to find a tailor. Somebody’s mother, friend, sister, etc. knew a tailor to refer you to. These days…not so much. So thanks for these tips.

  7. Whoever tailored those shirts and that suit, did an excellent job; they look great! Luckily, we have a good tailor but I can imagine it can be hard to find one you prefer.

  8. I should forward this information on to my husband; he needs a better tailor and is clueless as to how to find a good one. Thanks for this information!

  9. Great suggestions! Since I am doing more online shopping for my clothing lately, I can’t try it on. Some pieces need altering, so I usually have to turn to a tailor for more of a proper fit.

  10. I find word of mouth is my favourite way to be referred to businesses that I need. If someone else had a good experience, I’m likely to trust the business with my own needs.

  11. These are helpful tips. We are just getting to the point where my son will need a tailor for his suits! I will have to find one that I can trust because suits aren’t cheap!

  12. A good tailor can make a huge difference in the fit and look of your clothes, especially with suits and formalwear. I found mine via word-of-mouth, from a friend who always looks amazing 🙂

  13. These are all great strategies to find the best tailor! I’m personally a fan of first asking acquaintances for recommendations – I trust their judgement.

  14. Tailors are something you don’t hear much about- people usually just buy clothing based on general size and leave it at that. Like most people, I would turn to Google if I needed to find a tailor, or most anything else.

  15. I have an advantage here, never had to search in Google for tailors. There are plenty of good tailors near my place and especially they stitch custom ones for you be it a man or a lady

  16. Google is always my best friend.It is so hard to get best tailoring .Thanks for sharing very useful!

  17. These are useful tips. I like the word of mouth because you will be getting feedback from person (s) who have tried and tested the tailor’s products.

  18. The word of mouth is mostly what matters here. Yes, often reviews from paper are taken into consideration but maximum time itis the word….

  19. Great tips for finding a tailor! I’ve been looking to get one for myself and husband, so this came right on time. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I would like to have a tailor made suit for my grown children made. I think that would be a lovely birthday gift and they both have birthdays coming up.

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