How I Chose My Tennis Racket

Just a couple weeks ago, I played in the Leveriza Tennis Cup as I shared with you guys before. Today, I thought it would be interesting to go into the tennis racket I used in this tournament. As most people know, the tennis racket is the most important piece of equipment you can own as a tennis player.

During one of my tennis matches sporting my Vollaix tennis kit and TenxPro racket.

Your choice of tennis racket changes everything about you play. From the amount of power you can generate to the amount of spin you can put on each ball, your choice of tennis racket is important.

Currently, I am using the TenXProXcalibur tennis racket. TenXPro is a unique tennis brand that offers only one line of tennis racket: The Xcalibur series. All TenXPro rackets incorporate a technology called UniFlex which means the entire racket flexes as one unit.

Most tennis rackets don’t flex as much as the Xcalibur does. In fact, most tennis rackets from brands such as Wilson and Head, tend to flex only in the head area of the racket. In a TenXPro racket, the entire racket from the top of the head to the bottom of the grip flexes.

TenxPro Bag

This makes hitting the tennis ball with an Xcalibur racket feel very smooth as the vibration goes through the entire racket. For people with tennis elbow, this racket could help. Well, that and learning how to wear an elbow brace.

Now, when I was searching for a tennis racket, I read a lot about how to choose a tennis racket that best fit my style. I found that there were a couple of things that were the most important: length, head size, and weight among others.

Length is important because it changes your motion when hitting the tennis ball. Head size is important to consider because generally, the larger the head size, the more power you can generate. It is also easier to hit the ball in the sweetspot with a larger head size. The weight of the tennis racket is also important to consider before you play. If you get tired quickly because of the weight of the tennis racket, you will not play well. Thus, its best to find a tennis racket that has an appropriate weight for you.

These characteristics led me to narrow down my search for a tennis racket to the TenXPro tennis brand. Along the way, one of the resources I found most helpful when I was looking for a new tennis racket was Racquet Sports Center. I’ve spoken to Julian, who’s the writer of the blog and an experienced tennis pro. He pointed me to look at some of the best tennis rackets available today.

Ultimately, I liked playing in the tennis tournament a couple of weeks ago. And as I played my matches, I knew my tennis racket would be there with me. If you or anybody you know needs a new tennis racket, I would recommend looking through all of the material at Racquet Sports Center. Julian will also be in the comments answering questions if you have any.

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  1. Good to know that you love sports specially tennis! Goodluck to your tournament I know that you can do it! 👍

  2. I never knew choosing a racket was a lengthy process. I learned a lot from this post and am glad you found the one you like!

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  4. I learned this first hand. Just picking a racket because is pretty won’t guarantee much success– even if you are just playing for fun.

  5. I’m actually old enough to remember the old wooden rackets that were almost impossible to lift. The modern ones are a dream, I might even have taken up tennis if they had been around when I tired to play!

  6. I love tennis! Its such a fun sport, but its been a while since I’ve played. Sounds like a great racket you chose!

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  12. I remember taking tennis lessons 20 years ago and going through this to purchase my tennis racket. I didn’t know anything about my game since I was just starting. I probably need to ask myself these questions again to see if I come up with a different racket.

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  16. So if I had a better racket when I took lessons, I would have been much better? Haha, seriously, though I do understand that a good tennis racket would be critical in playing a better game, especially for one who shows great promise. And this post actually made me want to play tennis again.

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  20. I am glad that you found a good tennis racket that helps you perform at your best. I took lessons when I was in 7th grade, and I can still remember that my first tennis racket was a Wilson.

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