Rockin’ Ribs at Soul Potato

I always ask myself, why do I love potato and beef so much? It’s really a staple for me. Sometimes, I eat mashed potatoes instead of rice. If I’m too lazy to cook, I would take away a large French fries in a famous fast food chain. Recently, I stumbled a food stall that will surely raise your potato cravings and tickle your bellies.

Soul Potato serves a wide range of comfort food from chops to rice bowls. Few days ago, I had the privilege to try their new offerings:

Tomahawk Chops with Chimichuri Sauce

It was a little bit well done. I usually love medium rare chops but then it was very tasty. It was very flavorful as you can really smell and taste the herbs which were used. It was paired with Chimichuri sauce that brings out the flavor on each bite. My score? A HIT.

Tuna Salpicao

Tuna Salpicao was one of my comfort foods. It was a bit salty and tangy. I suggest you add more black peppers to it. I really love the soy-garlic sauce! It was complemented with mixed vegetables. It’s the perfect quick lunch or dinner meal for me. I also love the texture. I took away one and still, the quality did not change after two hours. My verdict? An ACE.

6 Hours Smoked Ribs and Mashed Potato

This has to be my favorite among all the best sellers I have tried. The ribs slowly pull away from the bone while it still maintains the juicy texture on each bite. It was smoked for 6 hours so the flavors are intact with the meat. It was also glazed with barbeque sauce developed by Chef Hac Cordero and Chef Mickey Estrada. The mashed potatoes were superb. I love the homemade gravy that complements the creaminess of the potato. It was also served with mixed vegetables on the side. This was an ACE.

I would definitely go back and get my comfort food in this food stall. I really appreciate their plating presentation and attention to small details. Their food choices are flavorful and worth every peso. Overall, The Tennis Foodie is satisfied.

To know more about the brand, please visit them at Devour Food Hub, 1216 E.Rodriguez Brgy., Mariana, Quezon City, Philippines.

You can also follow their official social media pages:
Instagram: soulpotatoph
Facebook: Soul Potato PH

35 thoughts on “Rockin’ Ribs at Soul Potato”

  1. Oh that looks so good! I love meat and potatoes as well! Add a couple rolls and some buttered veggies and I could eat that every night!

  2. This food looks amazing! Definitely makes me wish I was closer to this place so I could indulge!

  3. they look amazing. I do not like to eat rice so i usually eat mashed potato. These dishes look delicious.

  4. That looks and sounds so good! Slow cooked meat can be so flavorful and tender. So so yummy!!

  5. The food looks and sounds so delicious, I am glad you enjoyed everything from the stall, sometimes the best flavors are on the stalls 🙂

  6. It looks like you had some really lovely food here. It looks like a nice place indeed. I hope you had a great time.

  7. I often enjoy switching out rice for mashed potatoes, as well. They’re really quite filling, and sooo tasty when accompanied with the right entrée! My favourites are veggies, teriyaki tofu strips, or homemade veggie burgers. 🙂

  8. Potatoes & mutton curry is one of our favorite dishes prepared in most households in our part of the country. This store, Soul potato seems to offer some mouthwatering options. Lucky you.

  9. Daaaaaang! All that food looked SO good! I am currently drooling looking at these photos.

  10. This sounds delicious! But I’m not sure I’ll have the time to make it right but it looks soooo good

  11. Wow everything looks so amazing especially those mashed potatoes! I could really go for some of those!

  12. It’s been a long time since I have been on your page but wow…. Meat with potatoes is one of my favorite combos… chimichuri sauce is my favourite too. .

  13. Ahh that mashed potato ❤️❤️❤️ never tried Soul Potato before but i have heard of it… Wow i think the mashed potato alone is enough to convince me.. that’s one of my guilty pleasure lols. Thank you for sharing.. Will definitely check their page.. I hope they also have branch here in Cavite

  14. These foods might be heavy, but I wouldn’t mind enjoying this especially when the beef is so good (wagyu please!). These are like comfort food for me, plus drinks!

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