New Food Find – Rib Rage Diner

What does it feel like to dine in at a newly opened restaurant? For me, it is always an amazing feeling! I had a chance to be one of the first customers of Rib Rage Diner last January 13, 2018. Let me share with you some photos during the blessing as well as some of the best sellers I tried during the soft opening.

Blessing of the Rib Rage Diner

The future site of the bar.
Rib Rage Diner Entrance

I started off with the appetizer from their introductory menu. I chose Bagnet Chips as it’s really an interesting dish. It was served with seasoned vinegar. It was crispy and not oily. It’s the perfect dish as a starter. I would give this a HIT.

Bagnet Chips

I also tried the Mild BBQ Buffalo Wings with Garlic Sauce which was really tasty. I even took home 3 more orders of this. It was so good! They also have Sriracha Buffalo and Honey Soy as other two flavors for their chicken wings. I must say, the garlic sauce really rocked this dish. My verdict? An ACE of course!

Mild BBQ Buffalo Wings with Garlic Sauce

Next one, I tried their Pork BBQ Ribs with Chipotle Rice and Mashed Potato. I love the texture of the pork ribs. It was juicy and tender. It was also thoroughly cooked. The special gravy sauce complements the  mashed potatoes. The chipotle rice was great. I’m not really a fan of rice but I think I can eat one more serving with this kind of taste! I would give it an ACE.

Pork BBQ Ribs with Chipotle Rice and Mashed Potato

To top off the nice buffalo wings and pork ribs, I had the Chocolate Turon as dessert. It was a perfect ending to a nutritious meal. To tell you a little secret, the turon itself is not made of banana. It was made of chocolate wafers. Isn’t it sinful? It’s an ACE for me.

Chocolate Turon

I also had Nutcrackers Coffee to complement my Chocolate Turon. It was nutty and sweet in taste. I would give it a HIT.

Nutcrackers Coffee

Did you know that there’s a live band every Friday and Saturday night at Rib Rage Diner? Apart from that, they have a dedicated room for board games and event functions.

Live band every Friday and Saturday night at Rib Rage Diner.
Let’s play board games!

Overall, I’m really satisfied with my dinner at Rib Rage Diner. It was definitely a nice restaurant / hang out place to be at Maginhawa!

Rib Rage Diner is located at 183-D Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines. To know more about the restaurant, you may follow them at the following social media accounts:

Instagram: ribragediner
Facebook: Rib Rage Diner

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  1. That’s so awesome you got to be one of the first customers! What a nice place to eat. Those wings look delicious 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a great day / evening at a lovely place. I would love to try the Chocolate Turon and Nutcrackers Coffee 🙂

  3. In the opening! Woohoo! You are really well informed and you are always in the right place. I love this site for that reason.

  4. What some delicious looking food, there is something about getting to check out a newly opened diner isn’t there, getting to sample the new food that is amazing.

  5. My husband is a Chef and we always love to try out new places. This one looks promising with a great ambience and delicious looking food. I am sure it tasted awesome too.

  6. Sounds like a great restaurants the food looks great. I’ve always been a fan of ribs even though I haven’t had them in forever.

  7. It all looks delicious but I’ve got my eye on those mashed potatoes. I could live off of them, every single meal. I’ll have to check this place out when I’m in the area.

  8. That’s fantastic that you got to be the first person to try the restaurant. From the pictures, the food looks very tasty and the restaurant very stylish.

  9. The food looks lovely, I especially like the sound of the bagnet chips. It’s nice that they have live music every weekend, that’s a nice plus.

  10. The Rib Rage Diner looks like an amazing restaurant for dinner, the food looks so appetizing and delicious! Glad you shared the photos with us!

  11. Oh my! All the food looks so delightful! I am missing in restaurants like this. Since the pandemic i never been in restaurants.

  12. From beginning to end this was an interesting meal. You have definiltey captured my attention.

  13. Ohh when I was in the Philippines, blogging life includes business opening invitations and parties like this and I miss it. Do you think they are still open? Hope it is coz I want to visit them 🙂

  14. The opening is so good… You are always in right place at right time and all your finds are so good. This looks like a great place!

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