¡OYE! Tapas and Grill – Modern Spanish – Filipino Cuisine

I was invited to a special degustación last Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill. An innovative infused taste of flavorful Spanish culinary heritage and familiar savory Filipino accents awaited me. Oye is actually from the same group which brought us XO46 Heritage Bistro and Arroz EcijaAndrew Masigan of the Advent Hospitality Group is one of the brains behind this new concept.

The recently opened ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill seeks to infuse a youthful vibe to the Spanish-Filipino cuisine, making it more accessible to the food enthusiasts and foodies like me. The restaurant is spearheaded by three world class chefs: Chef Joseba Sola, Chef Juan Montel and Chef Tanya Dizon.

During the special degustación, I tried the following dishes:

Huevo Trufado con Patatas y Jamon (Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham)

Huevo Trufado con Patatas y Jamon (Truffled Egg, Potato and Ham) was the first appetizer to be served during the event. I love the crispiness of the potatoes while it complements the juiciness of the ham and the delicate texture of the truffled egg. My verdict? It was an ACE for me.

Ensalada de Sandia, Quezo Azul y Jamon (Watermelon with Jamon and Blue Cheese)

Next up was Ensalada de Sandia, Quezo Azul y Jamon (Watermelon with Jamon and Blue Cheese). It was a very refreshing appetizer! The watermelon works really well with Jamon although I’m not really a fan of Blue Cheese’s sharp taste. I would give it a HIT.

Steak Tartare con Helado de Mostaza (Steak Tartare with Mustard Ice Cream)

My most favorite dish that night was the Steak Tartare con Helado de Mostaza (Steak Tartare with Mustard Ice Cream). I gave it an ACE because it was a very innovative move to make the mustard sauce as an ice cream to complement the steak tartare. It also balances the overall flavor. The crispy parmesan gives a different texture to both the ice cream and tartare. It’s an explosion of goodness in every bite.

Fideua de Mariscos (Spanish Spaghetti Cooked in a Rich Seafood Broth)

Imagine eating a paella with spaghetti. I think that was the concept in Fideua de Mariscos (Spanish Spaghetti Cooked in a Rich Seafood Broth) wherein instead of rice, they use pasta as source of carbohydrates. Throw in some good clams and other seafood. It produces a yummy gastronomy.I would give this a HIT.

Pollo ala Brasa con Salsa de Pimienta (Chicken Barbeque with Sweet Peppercorn Sauce)

Pollo ala Brasa con Salsa de Pimienta (Chicken Barbeque with Sweet Peppercorn Sauce) was also one of my favorites. It was perfectly cooked and dashed with chimichurri sauce.

Chicharon del Veedor

Chicharon del Veedor was also served. I love the crispiness of this dish. It was not oily and perfectly seasoned. My score? A HIT for me!

OYE Fried Rice

Of course, the meal will not be complete without the OYE Fried Rice. It was topped with fresh quail egg cooked to perfection. I’m not a fan of rice but it’s really tasty. It’s an ACE for me.

Leche con Galletas

I always save the best for last. Of course, a lovely dessert such as Leche con Galletas would really complete my night. I love how they incorporated a foamy milk layer with chewy brownies. It was topped by crushed milk cookies (like Marie from our childhood) which makes it more special. I’m a sweet tooth and this definitely satisfied my cravings. My verdict? An ACE of course! No doubt about it.


My choice of drink apart from Sangria? Well, I had the Calimotxo which is actually famous for teenagers because of the soda content (Cola). It’s a HIT for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Spanish-Filipino cuisine at ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill. I’ll definitely come back and try their other offerings.

with Chef Juan Montel

¡Oye! Tapas and Grill  is located at Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. To know more about the restaurant, you may follow them at the following social media accounts:

Instagram: oyetapasandgrill
Facebook: Oye Tapas and Grill

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  1. This all looks so delicious!! I love filipino cuisine. My Uncle is an amazing cook of filipino cuisine. The watermelon with jamon and blue cheese is something I would love to try. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Wow, it looks like you had an awesome and tasty foods. Glad to know you enjoyed it 😀 I hope to try this soon.

  3. This is wonderful! So many good things are happening at BGC, thanks for the information. I am interested in the Calimotxo, does it have alcohol? I like Sangria but it gives me a headache the following day.

    That Chicharon del Veedor is a bomb! 🙂 I super like chicharon! hihi

  4. That is so much food to eat and it all sounds well prepared and delicious. I think of all the dishes the Steak Tartare with the mustard ice cream is the one that I would most like to try at their restaurant.

  5. With three world class chefs you can’t go wrong. All the food looked great. I would have even liked to sample some of them even though they are unique ingredients to me.

  6. LOVE tapas. It has been a good minute since I last went to a spanish restaurant. When I lived in Panama there was a place that was really close to my job and I would often go after work with a coworker to have tapas and she would have sangria.

  7. Okay that desert looks amazing, and I love the detail to it. Simple and catches your eye. I’m sure it taste great too!

  8. Yay this is just near my area! That ensalada, Ensalada de Sandia, Quezo Azul y Jamon (Watermelon with Jamon and Blue Cheese) is quite intriguing. I will visit soon!

  9. That looks like a really nice restaurant. As usual, your photos are making me hungry! (Especially the Pollo ala brassa!)

  10. I’m now jealous oh my! All these yummies at your disposal at the Oye Tapas and Grill? I must admit that their foods are as mouth-watering as I can see from these pictures. I am a die hard of chicken so for sure, I’d spend the whole time eating Chicharon del Veedor…haha!

  11. Wow all the dishes at Oye! Tapas and Grill look and sound amazing. The only thing I was dubious about is pairing watermelon with blue cheese, that surely makes an interesting combination?

  12. ¡Oye! Tapas and Grill looks like such a wonderful place! If my husband and I are ever lucky enough to go, you can bet we’d order the Chicharon del Veedor (for him) and Leche con Galletas (for her). Yum! x

  13. First of all thanks for sharing this, every food and drinks you’ve featured looks really delicious and yummy. Can’t get enough of this as everything is so enticing and tempting.

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