Christmas Market in Frankfurt

It was my first time to celebrate Christmas season in Europe. I started off with Frankfurt, Germany. I went back a week after I did other Schengen states. It was a fun experience. One thing I loved about Frankfurt is the straightforward transportation system. It was very convenient. Apart from that, I loved the gastronomy. I went to Christmas market to discover the German food served during this special holiday.

It feels like being part of a fairy tale or movies. I did not imagine myself visiting a Christmas market in Europe. Another achievement ticked off my bucket list.

Here’s some photos I captured from the Christmas market in Frankfurt:

Grilled bratwurst is a must try on Christmas market in Frankfurt. I love it with lots of ketchup and mustard.
Churros is a staple food finds at any Christmas market in Frankurt.
I love to pair my churros with dark chocolate.
Gluhwein is basically mulled wine. It’s a staple drink during Christmas market season.
Different kinds of baguette
Need some souvenir? Try some personalized Christmas cookies.
Ich liebe dich Suske!
Bretzels are a must try delicacy in Frankfurt. It was so good!
Me and my best friend during our visit in the Christmas market.
I love taking funny foodie shots!
Time to take a bite!
From bretzels to fried potatoes, they have it all!

Apart from food, you can also find some unique souvenirs and cool rides especially designed for kids.

A different kind of Christmas tree.
Which one do you like most?
Not fond of souvenirs? then try different kinds of cold cuts.
All of the stalls are full of Christmas lights.
Take me away Express train.

I really enjoyed my time. I would definitely go back in the future. Check out my other European related articles:

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Till my next European Trip! Watch this space for more updates.

The Tennis Foodie 🙂

66 thoughts on “Christmas Market in Frankfurt”

  1. Everything looks so good especially those pretzels. Good post man. Then you always have great post keep up the good work.

  2. Chiristmas markets are so Awesome that one can spend all of his or her time there and wont even get tired

  3. Looks like you guys had a great experience in Franfurt, there are tons of Christmas Markets in Europe and Germany has one of those special ones. I remember when I was in Cologne, if you like to explore more of Christams Markets you can do Europe tour only for this that would really be cool!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely sweet story.

  4. Love all those food you try. They all look delicious looking just at the photos. Christmas markets are always the best!!

  5. Congrats on your first Christmas in Europe. I’ve been to Germany, but only Munich. Frankfurt looks like a great time.

  6. I find it funny you find Churros in German Christmas Markets lol Such a Spanish / Mexican thing 🙂 so not German… Anyway, next time you need to add Prague into your list! No place is more beautiful than that during the Holiday Season! 🙂

    1. That’sva huge pretzels what flavour is that?!
      Which market if your favorite? I also enjoy shopping during holidays.

    2. Thus a great experience at Europe at Christmas time. I really love your food pictures.

  7. I live in Germany and I’ve been to Frankfurt before but never during christmas market season but I do have to say that Germany hosts very beautiful christmas markets. I have never really experienced that during my time in the US.

    I’m happy you got to experience it here and that you enjoyed it so much 🙂

  8. Everything in this post looks yummy especially the Bretzels. Would love to have one. If only Frankfurt is a bus/train ride from PH. Wish i can visit here soon.

  9. I’ve always loved Churros they’re so tasty! The market looks like it has some amazing food.

  10. I absolutely love your pictures and the market reminds me of how Christmas 🎄 season can be fun and looking forward to do this some day .

  11. Haha love this from an outside-perspective as I’m used to all of it. However, Glühwein is so much more than just mulled wine^^ I would describe it as warm Sangria.

  12. Oh my goodness I am so jealous you got to go to Frankfurt to see a Christmas market. We have some German Markets for Christmas here but they aren’t as good as they once were sadly.

  13. I went to a similar Christmas market when I was in Taiwan. They had some of the most interesting food I’d ever seen.

  14. That Bretzel is big! SO many interesting food there! I would want to visit and try everything. Yum!

  15. I have heard that those Christmas markets can be amazing. I love all the food that you have here. But I just think the whole experience would be amazing. Kind of like entering a whole other world. It’s definitely a bucket list thing for me to do with my daughter.

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  17. You post made me nostalgic about my time in Germany. They really have the best Christmas markets in Europe…. I especially love the Gluhwein with a shot of Amaretto 😉

  18. Ooh, churros and dark chocolate sounds amazing. I love visiting Christmas markets and drinking mulled wine to keep warm! Not been to the one in Frankfurt, sounds fun.

  19. I really have to visit Germany in time for Christmas. Have never visited Europe around this time so always missed out on this experience. hopefully next year!

  20. I would love to visit the Christmas markets in Frankfurt someday! The churros and dark chocolate sound absolutely amazing! I love collecting Christmas ornaments when we travel and this looks like the perfect place to do it!

  21. Those pretzels look delicious! I love the Christmas markets in Germany; the weather outside is pretty cold but there’s still something warm about the atmosphere. Frankfurt sure looks like a great place to spend Christmas 🙂

  22. I have never been to a Christmas market in Europe so I am fascinated! You got to try so many delicious food! I am jealous! I bet the bratwvrst and bretzels tasted yummy!

  23. I did love to try out all those german delicacies at the Christmas Market. Your pictures are making me plan a visit to Frankfurt on next Christmas. It truly seems so much fun there.

  24. What a perfect time for me to see this! I am planning a trip to Germany around the holidays, and I forgot all about visiting their markets! Can’t wait to experience this for myself!

  25. First, I am a huge fan of Christmas. I now have a very big need to see Christmas in Germany, thanks to you! I am sure my family would be fine with that. Those pretzels!

  26. These are so much temptation! Thanks for sharing us your Christmas vacation and some ideas where we should be this next holiday 🙂

  27. My friend was recently in Frankfurt! He really loved it and wants to go back soon!

  28. What a perfect post for the holidays! I have seen photos from Germany during the holiday months, and I would love to visit different cities and towns there to take in the culture of the holidays.

  29. What is it that makes a Christmas fair so special? Especially in Europe! Love all your photos and for some reason had no idea churros were a big thing in Germany. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I haven’t been to Germany yet, but I will get there. The holiday season looks fun, but I would most like to visit during Oktoberfest season.

  31. What a fun holiday market! I love shopping at places like this as there are so many fun finds and yummy foods!

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