1 euro meal at 100 Montaditos Colosseo

After exploring the Colosseo, I had a chance to have some sight seeing around the grounds. It was also a strike day in Rome so all subways, trains and most buses were not operating. I walked around Fori Imperiali area and discovered a very popular Spanish place –  100 Montaditos.

The menu consists of more than 100 selections to choose from. Vegetarian to savoury premium sandwiches and desserts. You name it, they have it! It offers a wide range of variety which you’ll surely enjoy.

The ambiance is very good. You can feel the jolly environment. It is adequately lighted and well ventilated. The staff who welcomed me is very accommodating. The staff can also converse in English. Don’t worry, they have English menu for foreigners.

English Menu
On Wednesdays, they have “Euro Mania” which means it’s only 1 euro per montadito or appetizer.

Here are some of the items I tried during my visit:

Who doesn’t love french fries with Jamon Serrano bits? It is best paired with Tinto de Verano
One of the best sellers
Best served with Tinto de Verano

They also serve desserts. I personally like this Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut Spread Montadito. Something sweet after a very savoury meal.

Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut Spread Montadito

Overall, it’s a very affordable restaurant to visit during your stay in Italy. I also discovered that they have branches in Spain and the US (Miami and Washington). It’s also tasty for its price. You’ll definitely enjoy coming back here to try more montaditos. They also have free wi-fi which is a big plus for me.

100 Montaditos is located at Largo Corrado Ricci 37/A, 00184 Rome, Italy. They are open everyday from 7:00 AM – 12:00 MN. You may contact them at  +390687568163.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: 100montaditosIT
Instagram: 100montaditositalia
Website: www.100montaditos.com

The verdict: It’s a HIT!
The Tennis Foodie’s favorite: Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut Spread Montadito, Tinto de Verano

31 thoughts on “1 euro meal at 100 Montaditos Colosseo”

  1. Looks like a lovely place to have a quality food in Rome.
    Definitely going to give it a go.
    Thank you tennisfoodie for your exceptional choices of eateries!

  2. Euro Mania day sounds like such a great way to enjoy the cooking at 100 Montaditos for a very reasonable price. I’m a big fan of savoury morsels, and would definitely enjoy a range of those available. And end with that almond hazelnut spread treat!

  3. 100 Montaditos is really affordable place in Rome to have great food. Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut Spread Montadit is really tempting and having it after savoury meals is my option too. It is great they have chain of restaurants at Spain and US. Will check it now at other places.

  4. This foods looks so beautiful and tasty, you just made me hungry! I can find there my favorites and in the end you just made me want to go there with the hazelnut spread. I will really have to check out this chain and get in, the next time I will be in Spain.

  5. 100 Montaditos in Rome is a great deal. How lucky that you came across it on Wednesday when each plate was only 1 Euro. This reminds me of tapas with the little plates. That tinto de verano sounds like a light red that matches those plates perfectly. Great find!

  6. 1 Euro? I’m sure the place is pack every Wednesday. Well, even on other days. Look at that Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut. It looks so yummy! Even the French Fries. With cheese and Jamon Serrano bits, mmm… I’m sure it’s delicious. Will make sure to stop at one in D.C. or Miami while there.

  7. This food looks so beautiful and tasty! I was absolutely shocked when I discovered it last year in Rome. I didn’t know they have a chain of restaurants in Spain and the US. I’ll definitely check it out at some other places too.

  8. I am happy to read that you enjoyed your visit to 100 Montaditos. I would definitely want to try their 1 euro offerings. It’s really cheap and looks delicious.

    Happy to know that they have free wi-fi too. Will consider visiting once we’re in the area.

  9. I remember walking around Colosseo and the first purchase of the day was water for 2 euros! I felt so disheartened for how costly food was! I didn’t come across this restaurant though. Good that you found this! I will gladly suggest this to my friends who are planning to head to Rome.

  10. 100 montaditos looks like a great place to have a good meal. I’m glad they have vegetarian food and it despite being so famous, it does not seem very costly. The items you ordered including the dessert looks mouth watering and I would love to try it out

  11. Cool review. Can’t believe they have 100 items on their menu! I mean, where would you even start? And one Euro? Sounds like the perfect place to go especially when I’m on a budget.

  12. The Whipped Cream with Almonds and Hazelnut looks very yummy!! The food looks very good here and for Rome its very cheap! I don’t think I saw anything with those prices while I was there.

  13. Wow, this is absolutely awesome for budget travelers like me. Can have as many orders I want as each of them cost only a euro. If in Colosseo, I would rather take a hotel close to 100 Montaditos for the same reason.

  14. That’s an interesting idea (and a great marketing strategy) to give out appetisers at 1 euro. There are always people like me looking for budget food deals like this one. To get those yummy looking fries at only 1 euro sounds perfect!

  15. Ooh, I love finding places like this when I travel. Pigging out for just a euro a dish, sounds my kind of place. Any idea how much more are the dishes when it’s not one euro Wednesday? Will have to check out where the Spanish branches are as heading that way soon.

  16. Ohhh I love Rome! I love just randomly finding great little places, they always make your trip! The food looks soooo delicious and I agree who doesn’t like Jamon Serrano! Thank you for sharing you experience with us, shared as found it a really nice blog post 🙂

  17. I didn’t expect it’s even possible to eat for one euro. What’s more the meals looks tasty and worth much more then that. This option is awesome for budget travelers as me. Therefore, I would definately check it out if I am there.

  18. I love that you were able to find some cheap eats around the Colesseum. That is sometimes that hardest thing to find in a metropolitan area — good, cheap food. I think all the food that you ate also looks very yummy. I would be a huge fan of the french fries!

  19. Crazy that they have 100 items on the menu! Sounds like a great place to bring a group since everyone is bound to find something. Great food at great prices, can’t beat that!

  20. I would be in HUGE trouble here! So many goodies to choose from, and only 1 euro each – that’s a formula for over eating for sure! Thank you so much for discovering it and sharing it with us, and I hope I’ll get to go stuff myself there one day!

  21. We love 100 montaditos – we first came across them in Spain and have enjoyed them in many locations throughout Spain and even in Mexico. The food is always good and the beer excellent. They are also in some great locations where you can sit in squares and people watch. Now we have another location to enjoy.

  22. When it comes to food I must admit Rome does have some great places and this one just confirms that. Some quality food at affordable prices for sure. I do love french fries and when it’s with Jamon Serrano bits it only gets better. Deserts are some of the highlights of the city and the whipped cream and hazelnut delight looks just yummy. A great way to promote food by the €1 truck and it has worked with you alone sharing this place to hundreds through your site. Would give it a go when in Rome next time.

  23. Its awesome that you managed to find this amazing place near Colosseo! I entered a few places and found everything expensive, including water!
    I’m super happy to know that there were quite a few veggie options as well. The dessert is mouth watering.

  24. Glad to see that you found something affordable and filling in Rome. I remember everything being super expensive around the Colosseo. And we have to walk quite a bit to get something reasonable. A one euro meal at 100 Monaditos would have been great. Will keep in mind for the next time.

  25. Wow, thnx for the great food tips, especially around Colosseo which is an expansive area for sure! My to-go snack is french fries, or should we say Belgium fries? Will definitely pin your post for the next time I’m in Rome! 100 Monaditos and french fries, yay!

  26. i love local places like this. they are not usually in the tour guide books so thank you for the recommendation. and it doesn’t hurt that i love french fries 😉

  27. I wouldn’t consider that as the most striking kind of meal but, then again, there are times that it’s the experience that matters the most.

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