My Eatalian Trip

Italy was my second stop in my short but very fruitful European trip lastΒ month. It was a very nice experience to actually enjoy the authentic Italian food with a very picturesque view. So what are the things I did in Italy? Here’s a comprehensive list of places I visited in Rome, Italy:

  1. Piazza Venezia
  2. Fontana De Trevi (Trevi Fountain)
  3. Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)
  4. Piazza Del Popolo
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
  6. Colosseo (Colosseum)
  7. Arch of Constantine
  8. Fori Imperiali (Imperial Fora)
  9. Capitoline Hill

In Rome, I took the subway once and utilized the buses available in the city. It was very easy to go from one place to another. You just have to look for specific bus stops and you are good to go. Just be careful on public places especially popular tourist spots as there are a couple of pick pockets. I was really cautious during my whole trip.

My trip won’t be complete without my “Eatalian experience.” Please see the lists of restaurants I visited:

  1. 100Montaditos
  2. Le Chapeau Bistrot
  3. Talea

Overall, Italy is one of my favorite European countries. I would really like to go back soon. Until the next one!

Emman πŸ™‚

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  1. Although I live in the UK, I still haven’t got to Italy. It’s top of my ‘to-go’ list & all of the places you have visited are wonderful. Would love to eat proper Italian food!

  2. My brother in law just got back from Rome a few weeks ago. He said the city was great, but the food was awful. He doesn’t like cheese or pasta though, so I can’t trust him. πŸ˜› The shots from your trip look amazing! Glad you had a good time.

  3. I never really thought about going to Italy before, it looks beautiful though. May need to add it to my want to do list.

  4. Rome is also one of my favorite cities. I’ve been a few times and enjoyed many of the interesting nooks, piazzas and fountains. Its so much fun walking in the steps of history.

  5. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the whole adult responsibility trap that we forget to replenish our own well. Your photos are amazing! I wish I could just fly there πŸ˜€

  6. It is great to find out that Rome could be covered by taking up public transport like bus. I would love to explore a city by buses. I will keep the list of the places you mentioned and also the restaurants from your eatalian trip.

  7. Italy is the next place to go on my European Bucklist. Your Eatalian Trip provides me some helpful places not only to go but also to eat. I’ve heard so much about Italy’s famed food and your article (in particular your description of 100Montadito) only makes me want to try it more.

  8. I have always wanted to go to Italy and now, after reading your post, I REALLY want to go. I love the history and architecture there. And, I can only imagine how great the food was!

  9. I think you can never go wrong when visiting Italy, it is such unique and beautiful place. Photos in general turn out gorgeous whenever Im in Rome. Thanks for the highlight on where to eat because to find good food in Rome is not so easy due to the touristic locations.

  10. Italy is a wonderful country with so much to see and experience. Rome, of course, is iconic with its rich history. We loved Rome when we were there. We have also visited Florence and Venice, but there is so much more to Italy. Talking about food nothing like have a Pizza and gelato when in Italy!

  11. Italy has wonderful historical and ancient sites and therefore I love Italy for this. Also Italy has delicious culinary scene which makes it more favorite among tourists. The Trevi fountain was my favorite area in Rome.

  12. No doubt that the food in Italy was fun but for me that list of places is what I totally enjoyed. I could not do them all and would love to return to complete them. There is just so much to do in Italy and every post like this one makes me feel as if I have left so much undone.

  13. Italy has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. There are a lot of attractions in Rome alone. The food is definitely great too… I’d go back as well and perhaps try the Nutella Crepe at Le Chapeau Bistrot and check out Talea too. The Crepe looks really sweet and delicious and Le Chapeau sounds a good place to go to after a long tour. Talea sounds a good place too to experience the true Italian taste.

  14. We have not traveled to Italy yet, but it is on my travel bucket list. My cousin has been there on a business trip and he says Rome is such a beautiful city. Hopefully someday we can also have a vacation there.

  15. looks like you had a fabulous time in Roma. I unfortunately had food poisoning for 2 of my 3 days there which sucked and thought it was too commercial. But i remember the food being fabulous (on day 3, hehe). great pics you captured! i fortunately had my camera stolen en route ugh. crazy trip hehe.

    Where to next?

  16. It would be so lovely to visit Italy! I’m glad you had the chance to really take it in. I hope I get to go someday too β™‘.

  17. There are two European cities I love to eat my way through – France and Italy. Those two countries have the best food in all of Europe, in my opinion.

  18. i love your title “eatalian” cute! i loved venice and florence but wasn’t a big fan of rome – over commercialized? interesting you mention the subway. i went on the subway once in rome and felt squeezed in like sardines and was surprised my friend and i got off the subway in one piece

  19. Italy is really a wonderful country. I have plans for full European travel so obviously Italy is on my list. My parents have visited and they were overwhelmed. Loved the photos and article

  20. I love to go to Italy. so much things to see and foods to try on. authentic italian foods. <3 how i wish this crisis will be over soon, and the world will heal…

  21. These are all the places that we visited too during our trip couple of years back to Rome. In addition to Venice, Sorrento and Amalfi. Italy is one of our favorite destinations till date. It pains to see so many people suffering there due to the virus. I pray they recover fast.

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