Hew – Curating Local Artist Designs

I recently discovered an amazing clothing brand that has a collaborative design process that invites local artists to curate the aesthetics of the textiles – Hew.

Ema Hewitt with two models of her unique creations.

I had a privilege to meet and interview Ema Hewitt, the designer and owner of Hew in Melbourne, Australia. Hew is a Melbourne-based label established last 2014. After her graduation at RMIT, Ema decided to move Los Angeles, USA where an internship at Mad Men introduced her into the fast paced world of Hollywood outfits.

“To introduce bold prints and fresh colour into the wardrobe, while also awakening a local and creative community” – Ema Hewitt

She continued to work on Australian Television series’ upon return to Melbourne. The experiences she had opened her horizons. It was also apparent that their is a difficulty in finding bold menswear pieces that would pop off the screen. This is one of her inspirations in launching her own creative and unique pieces.

Ema Hewitt (right) at the AW18 launch

Ema personally believes that there should be less plain, more game. There should be more eye catching designs that features an artistic point of view.

Check out some of the selected photos from Hew’s collections:

AW18 Hew x Kat Flora Collection

SS 18/19 Faces Collection

Divide and Conquer collection


Vincent and Kendrick Print

Other Collections

I really love how the patterns are made by the local artists. They use different media like watercolor and digital print that really pops out. They have a very unique tone and very innovative designs.

You’ll notice that each swing-tag attached to Hew garment unveils the name of the respective designer. This connection between the customer and creator adds a more distinctive touch to the consumer experience and it builds a local creative community.

Some of the advantages of the brand are the following:

  1. They ship internationally! Yes, even outside Australia. Just make sure you visit their FAQs.
  2. You can have a special voucher on your birthday which is valid for 1 week.
  3. The designs are fresh and eye popping! You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

To know more about the brand, you may visit their stores at the following address:


99 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, 3065.

(03) 9417 3039

Opening Hours 
Thursday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

You can also follow and like their official social media sites:

Facebook: HEW
Instagram: hew_clothing
Pinterest: HEW Clothing
Twitter: hewclothing
Youtube: HEW

Special thanks to Ema Hewitt and Hew for the amazing photos. The official photographer is Patricia Casten (@patcasten).

33 thoughts on “Hew – Curating Local Artist Designs”

  1. I love the gray turtle neck and the black leather jacket! I don’t know if I’m young and “cool” enough for some of the other clothes but they are very well designed.

  2. Love this fashion! Unique and colourful and a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing – I will check them out for sure.

  3. What a fantastic concept – I love the fact that the company allows local artists to curate! It is always good when people look to collaborate with others in this way.

  4. Great designs indeed! I love the floral and circular patterns the most.
    discovering local designers sure is a big joy for me, thanks for showing your local designers! it’s so amusing seeing the differences and likeness between local cultures in clothes

  5. This is such a fun collection! I love how versatile is it- you could wear it to work and then out for a night on the town.

  6. I love the fun prints and colors. Plus being able to do semi matching family pictures is always a bonus.

  7. These items are so unique and beautiful. My sister lives in Melbourne, and it’s such an exciting and fashion forward city! So beautiful and fun.

  8. My daughter is a designer so I love hearing about artists and learning about their inspiration and journey. I also am someone who loves colors and patterns in clothing!

  9. Her style is very creative you can see it in the designs. It’s good that she keeps her collection exciting, makes it worth while to be a loyal client.

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