How NGP VAN Helps Political Campaigns Target LGBTQ+ Voters

NGP VAN, a data management and software firm that provides virtually everything a political campaign manager might need to best raise funds and organize such campaigns to their fullest potential. Voter data and digital marketing has been an effective technique for political organizing for the last 15 years. In the past month, allegations against Cambridge Analytica have come to light and exposed wrongful collection of voter data and demographics- an abuse of this marketing practice. The company wrongly sourced the personal data of roughly 80 million Facebook users’ accounts.

While the company certainly did get its collective hands on such data in an unethical way that violated Facebook’s terms of service agreements, its model of mining data, analyzing it, and then targeting specific demographics of voters is an effective strategy that has been employed in political marketing for some years. Legitimate software companies like NGP VAN do collect data from public records and voter data for a more informed political process.

NGP VAN’s experts have aided the following United States Presidential campaigns – and that’s not even considering all of the state, regional, and local campaigns NGP VAN has played significant parts in over the years:

  • In 2008 and 2012, NGP Van lent its services to none other than the very first colored POTUS, Barack Obama.
  • Hillary Clinton utilized the services of NGP Van in 2016.
  • The likes of Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders also trusted NGP VAN to take care of his campaign for his run at the spot of President of the United States in 2016, as did Hillary.

NGP VAN, a firm that supports exclusively Democratic and, less frequently, independent candidates, excels in its targeting of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, queer, and others falling under the broad LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Rather than relying on exclusively male and female fields, NGP VAN’s expert software developers utilize virtually all gender identities and sexualities, helping tailor digital ads and marketing campaigns directly to those groups, boosting such demographics’ voter turnouts.


NGP VAN, Incorporated, was founded all the way back in 2001 in the District of Columbia – the capitol of the United States of America. Mr. Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman founded the company was Voter Activation Network, Incorporated, a name that the organization held until 2010 when NGP Software – this company was created in 1997 by Nathaniel Pearlman, a lifelong software expert – merged with with Voter Activation Network – this company was founded by Mark Sullivan, without the help of his current business partner, Mr. Pearlman.

Currently, the headquarters of NGP VAN is still located in Washington, D.C., a few states away from its other field office in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The company offers a wide variety of products in the form of software, including the following, all of which are the most popular of its selections:

  • VoteBuilder is an effective means of measuring how campaign staffers keep in touch with potential voters.
  • NGP, half of the company’s namesake, brings together the functions of reporting for campaign, engaging with potential voters and opponents through digital platforms like social media, and never losing track of fundraising efforts.
  • MiniVAN is a tool for mobile devices only that constantly syncs all developments between staffers’ mobile devices and computer programs.
  • Innovation Platform makes creating software and both mobile and web page applications loads easier, more accurate, and cheaper.

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