How to Date as a Traveler

If you’re traveling frequently, you know just how much this can be. Whether traveling with buddies or alone, it can sometimes get lonely on the road. In that case, you can consider dating as a traveler. Of course, your lifestyle might prevent you from traditional dating because you’re away from home so much, but there are ways you can still meet amazing people and create genuine connections.

When was the last time you traveled?

Book a group tour

As an experienced traveler, you might be quite bored of those typical tours, but they are great for one thing—meeting new people. And if you opt for a very specific tour that sparks your interest, the possibility of meeting a person with same hobbies as you is pretty high. You can enjoy the tour together, maybe exchange information and continue hanging out later.

Visit (ex-pat) bars

Visiting bars is a crucial experience when traveling, because this is where all the most fun action is placed: there’s drinks, there’s music and there’s people. If you want to meet a person that shares the same interests and culture as you, research some ex-pat bars near you and go there for a taste of home. When everyone is feeling relaxed so far away from home, conversations will flow and connections will be made. If you ask long-term travelers, ex-pat bars are a great way to meet people and even find new travel partners to kill the loneliness on the road.

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Opt for the apps

Dating apps are heaven-sent for travelers looking for a fun fling. Today, there are many apps offing dating opportunities for people of all ages and lifestyles. There are the classics we all know and love, but there are even more specialized ones like sugar dating for rich men and attractive women. Sugar dating is no longer taboo; it creates very honest and genuine connections between people who know what they want. If you’re looking for a match to have some fun and get treated right, definitely give sugar dating a chance.

Pick the right accommodation

Some accommodation options are designed for people who want peace and quiet during their travels (Airbnbs, private apartments, etc.) but others are perfect for meeting folks and hanging out. If you want to be social, opt for social hotels and hostels with co-working spaces, different lounges and community activities. If you see a hotel with a happy hour, this is a great sign people will go out of their room and mingle with the rest of the guests. On the other hand, lux hotels are usually full of business travelers who prefer to keep to themselves.

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Pack accordingly

As a traveler, you might not have access to all the perfect dating items, so you need to pack with dating in mind. The first thing you will need is an unlocked phone that will allow you to put in a local SIM and enjoy online dating. You also need to pack one or two date outfits for fancy dinners and relaxing walks on the beach. And of course, there’s protection—it can often be hard to come by in certain places.

Maintain contact with your SO at home

If you’re not at all interested in dating because you have a loving partner at home, make sure to maintain daily contact with them. The distance can often make the heart grow fonder, but also make your partner feel neglected. To keep dating your partner even when you’re thousands of miles away, make sure to organize regular Zoom call dates, send them cute messages, ask them about their day and share how much you miss them. And don’t forget to grab them a perfect present on your adventure!

Dating while on the road is not impossible, especially when you’re open to new possibilities and making an actual effort to meet new people and maintain your old relationships. Traveling with this possibility just got even more fun!