Comfortable Style Tips For Men

Men sometimes struggle to feel confident when required to create an outfit for an event, be it casual or a bit more on the dressy side. No matter the occasion, the ensemble must be in style yet relaxed and casual. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of tips that will help men dress casually and comfortably while looking and feeling their best.

What is your personal style?

Jeans can be stylish

The combination of button-down shirts and jeans is a tried-and-true formula for guys to look put-together while yet feeling relaxed. Since the advent of casual Friday and business casual fashion, denim has been accepted in all but the most old-fashioned workplaces.

It’s easy to understand why denim quickly became a staple in the workwear wardrobes of so many professionals. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it’s also very versatile and accommodating. Denim is one of the few fabrics that stretch with use, so it can be shaped to fit the person perfectly. With regular use, a comfortable pair of jeans may learn to know your body like no other piece of apparel and accompany you everywhere from the weekend to the workweek.

Do you love wearing jeans?

As they are arguably the most versatile type of trousers, you should stock up on multiple pairs in many cuts and colors. For example, a classic dark wash in a straight cut will serve you well for business casual and will be comfortable enough to wear on a weekend out with your kids.

Pick versatile shirts

Always go for something you are comfortable with.

When you’re out shopping for new items, it’s important to have one word in mind at all times: “versatility.” This is especially key when it comes to purchasing shirts. You want to have a closet full of viable options, not a bunch of colorful band T-shirts you can maybe pair with one pair of jeans.

We always advocate for button-downs in neutral colors or long-sleeved shirts that follow the line of your body. Make sure to stir away from V collars as they tend to make even the classiest of outfits look tacky. If you’re a fan of T-shirts, opt for terry cloth polo instead, as they are the more classy option which doesn’t affect your comfort level.

Outerwear for chilly weather

Your outerwear should be something that can be worn in a wide variety of contexts. If you don’t already own one, a decent bomber jacket is a worthwhile investment. These are great because they provide the necessary wind protection. Still, they can be paired with the most casual and business casual pieces, making them suitable for a wide range of climates and occasions. Try to choose an outerwear item that can serve several purposes and doesn’t neglect your comfort while still looking put together.

Do you wear trench coats during winter or spring?

Footwear is key

The footwear is often overlooked, and most just throw on any old pair of shoes to finish off our outfit. However, leather shoes may be uncomfortable, particularly in the heat. You should go for a pair of shoes that can be worn in various climates and events, such as a pair of white sneakers, or if you prefer something more dressy, loafers are a fine option. Make sure the footwear you choose complements the laid-back and comfy vibe you’re going for.

Accessories complete the outfit

You shouldn’t try too hard to stand out with your accessories since subtlety is now all the rage. You just really need a decent watch and a great belt. Leather-banded watches are more comfortable than metal pieces as they don’t tend to annoyingly poke your wrist. However, if you’re more of a metal guy, make sure to only get high-quality options that are also made with comfort in mind.

If you are a guy’s guy who does not find fashion his second nature, use the tips above and keep them in mind every time you shop for new clothing. It’s crucial to wear clothes that make you feel good, and doing so fashionably doesn’t need to be difficult.