Living and Thriving as a Digital Nomad in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the biggest business hubs in the world, so naturally, it’s a home (or at least a temporary home) to many digital nomads. If you’re planning to work in HK and explore the city like a true local, here are a few tips that will help you with accommodation, workspace and attractions:  

Have you been to Hong Kong?

Where to stay

One of the best areas in HK for digital nomads is Tsim Sha Tsui. Why? Well, the Star Ferry is just a short walk away, shopping centers are all over and you have fast access to gyms, restaurants, bakeries, laundromats and many excellent bars along Ashley Road.

Kowloon is another great option for digital nomads in HK. It’s close to the city (just 8 minutes by ferry), has practical MRT stations, many shops, bars, eateries and cafes right on your doorstep.

Finding accommodation

In many cases, accommodation in Hong Kong is not cheap, but if you choose to skip hotels, you can actually find affordable lodging. Especially if you’re planning to stay for longer, consider looking up a comfortable service apartment in Hong Kong that comes with all amenities necessary. These apartments offer cleaning services, but also great opportunities to meet new people and grown your network thanks to its communal areas where people hang out and chat. Safety and hygiene standards are also very high there, so this should be one of the top choices of accommodation.

Wi-Fi for work and play

When people say that HK internet is fast, they actually mean the fastest in the world, so you won’t be struggling with any internet-based jobs on this island. Places like MRT stations, ferry terminals, buses and other public spaces have free Wi-Fi but it’s limited to two connections per day, with each connection lasting 30 minutes. Coffee shops also have Wi-Fi limits, but outside coffee shops, you will need to find a coworking space or return to your hotel room to work.

I love the internet speed at Hong Kong!

Space to work

Being the business hub of the world, HK has many coworking spaces, but they are not cheap. Some of the best ones to check out are The Desk (many offices and many opportunities for networking), The Hive (creative clientele, beautiful garden terrace, less than $300USD per month), Desk One (daily and hourly rates starting from $44HKD per hour) and Nexen Workshop (perfect for night owls with offices one 24/7). If you can afford a coworking space, you’ll be thrilled by the design, cleanliness and amenities—all the spaces are clean, practical and beautiful.

Transport in the city

One of the first things a digital nomad in Hong Kong should do is buy an Octopus Card. Just like the famous Oyster Card in London, this card allows you to use the city’s MTR trains, buses, trams and ferries at reduced prices. In some places like 7-11 and Marks and Spencer, you can use your Octopus Card to pay for groceries. All in all, HK transport won’t break your bank being cheaper than in similar cities in the west. It’s most likely that you won’t pay more than $15HKD ($USD) for a bus ride. Ferries are also cheap, so if you want to travel to Lantau Island which is about an hour away, you’ll have to pay only $16.60HKD ($2.15). If you need to use a taxi, keep in mind that fares start at $20HKD ($2.60USD) and go up by $1.70 every 200 meters—use them only for emergencies and short trips.

Sights to take in

Hong Kong is beautiful, so when you have some free time to explore the city, make sure to start from Victoria Harbour and enjoy the unforgettable views of the city’s skyline from the Star Ferry. You can also take an afternoon off and ride a tram to Victoria Peak. If you love to hike and explore nature, head south on HK Island and find the Dragon’s Back trail. When on Lantau Island, marvel at the giant Buddha statue.

I just love Hong Kong! One of my favorite international destinations!

Hong Kong can be a wonderful place to develop your skills, make new connections and find your career. And with these tips, you will enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle in HK to the max!

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