Sightsavers Promote Eye Health

Sightsavers is an international NGO that focuses on treating and preventing avoidable blindness in the developing countries. It also promotes equality for visual impairments and other disabilities. The organization fund operations for people who need them, and train talented and professional eye care workers and surgeons. Sightsavers also arrange for medicines to be given to prevent blinding diseases through community volunteers in all developing countries.

Some of the eye diseases that they are treating are the following:

  1. Cataracts is often characterized by the build-up of protein that hazes the eye’s lens. It can lead to blurred vision and blindness.
  2. Refractive Error is the irregularity in the shape of the eye, making it hard to focus clearly. This may include myopia or also called as short-sightedness, hyperopia which is the long-sightedness, astigmatism which is caused by an irregularly curved cornea and presbyopia which is a normal ageing change where the eye is no longer able to focus at close range.
  3. Neglected tropical diseases or simply NTDs are a group of parasitic and bacterial infections that affect more than a billion population. It is most prevalent in remote rural areas, urban slums and in conflict zones.
  4. Glaucoma – it is a condition where the eye’s drainage becomes blocked leading to increase intraocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve
  5. Diabetic Retinopathy – a condition that affects the blood vessels in the back of the eyes.

Sightsavers also promote equal opportunities for people with visual impairment and other disabilities.

You can help the organization by preventing blindness and ensuring a brighter future for the youth in the developing countries. You can become a major donor or help them fundraise for their notable and charitable causes. As simple as 3 dollars could pay for a cataract consumable kits for five operations or 12 dollars can save approximately 554 families losing their sight to river blindness. There are other ways of giving. You can do a payroll giving which automatically be deducted to your company salary. The donations are tax effective which means the donated amount will be deducted before tax.

What are you waiting for? Help Sightsavers and be the light to the future!

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  1. Nice object it can help to everyone! I
    Have a poor eye sight too I hope i will use that one someday if applicable

  2. such great work! well done for increasing awareness of this topic. spotting sight problems early can reallu make a diference

  3. Quite informative post about eyesight problems. Sightsavers doing a great job in spreading awareness about the same and treating them.

  4. Such a very informative post to read about eyes cases and looks like Sightsavers is a nice organization that helps those people who have poor eyesight.

  5. That’s a very noble initiative. I like the approach of treating issues before they become big and cause irreversible damage
    – Nandita

    1. Sight is such a huge part of our quality if life. It’s fantastic that there are organizations doing what they can do people don’t lose their sight.

  6. I love how these people give awareness to promote eye health. Let’s just give our support to them.

  7. It’s great that this brand give such awareness to the health of eyes. It looks like a really ideal brand to invest in.

  8. I love that they’re working to ensure that everyone who needs it gets the proper eye care. That is so important.

  9. Love organisations like these who make it possible for those in need to be able to restore sight. Most of these issues are so fixable and costs almost nothing in first world countries yet so deliberating in 3rd world countries. Definitely a worthy cause for all.

  10. Our eye doctor told my teen that everyone gets cataracts. I was in the room and heard him say it. I was surprised!

  11. This sounds like a wonderful product that is helping many. I had never thought if this issue in quite the terms you presented. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wow….so, this is the organisation that Ronnie always tells me about? He was a driver, for a while there. I will give them a shout-out on my socials. That’s very good work they’re doing, right there!

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