The Tennis Foodie Exclusive Interview with Sofibella

Sofibella Life Style signifies the customized style and sensibility of the active lifestyle. It started as an athletic women’s lifestyle apparel company featuring tennis, yoga and gym-wear. Currently, it also has men’s line. The headquarters is currently located at 1965 N.W. 18th Street Pompano Beach, FL 33069, USA.
TF: When did Sofibella started?
SB: We launched our line in 2010
TF: Currently, do you have any WTA players that wear Sofibella on tour?
SB: Yes, we currently have 30 female players who represent Sofibella some of which are Monica Niculescu of Romania and Kateryna Bondarenko of Ukraine. We also have 2 male players who represent our SB Sport line.
Checkmate Collection
TF: What sets it apart from other clothing brands?
SB: Our standards are very high in regards to the quality of fabrics that we use. Sofibella always has fashion and technology in mind when designing our line.
This dress is part of their current collection
TF: What is your current collection?
SB: Currently we are shipping our Checkmate and Victory collections for women and little girls and our Oceans Royale and Victory collections for SB Sport.
Ocean Royal Collection
TF: Can you briefly discuss your line for Roland Garros (French Open)?
SB: For the French Open our players wore Triumph which featured sky blue melange, glorious green, crisp white and rain mesh.
Ocean Royal Collection
TF: What are the future plans of your company? Do you have any plans to expand in Asia or Europe?
SB: Future plans would include continuing to expand into a global brand that is recognized world wide for its excellence in performance  apparel.
Check out Sofibella’s official website: as well as their official social media pages:
instagram: @sofibellawear
pinterest: @sofibellawear

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    – Knycx Journeying

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